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What is a drink that uses a lighter to display tiktok? How much is love soda

What's more strange and eccentric, tiktok, is like a pop pop recently. Just tear the wrapping paper and burn it with a lighter, you can show love words, because what is the drink that is special, so what is the drink? What can I buy with?

Where can I buy tiktok drinks with lighter?

This online red drink can be purchased in FamilyMart convenience store, 7eleven convenience store, OLE \ 'boutique supermarket, BLT boutique supermarket and Jingdong.

The soda is a new product of Hankou No.2 factory in 2019. It was launched on March 1, 2019. The price of each bottle of beverage is about RMB 10.

It is understood that there are six flavors in this series of drinks, namely, orange juice, passion fruit, sour plum, litchi, lemon, cherry blossom and peach flavor.

The six tiktok drinks are different in their love story. The most popular voice on the vibrato is Cherry Blossom Peach juicy soft drink with I love you.

The taste of love soda is like Rio without alcohol. It's sweet and fragrant. It's suitable for girls. The raw material is fresh fruit in the ground, extraction of real juice, no sucrose, low heat.

The powder bottle is full of machine care, because every bottle of soda is a love talk bottle. After tearing the first layer of paper, you can't see the love words. You should warm it with body temperature, and the words inside will appear. The best way is to drink it and pour hot water, so that it can be completely displayed!

In addition to the love words on the package, the cap design of love soda soda is also very cute. There are no other words and patterns on each cap, only one word "burp". Whether it's for a treat or for someone you like, this soda is a first-class treat.

Tiktok comments:

1. The physics teacher told me that the temperature of the outer flame of the flame is the highest, so I can finally apply what I have learned.

2. I want to buy this drink for my girlfriend, whether she drinks it or not, I must let her see it!

3. I'm sorry, I'm still thinking about the safety issue at the moment of universal fun. What happens if I just take the drink out of the refrigerator and burn it with a lighter?

4. I went to, I just bought a bottle yesterday, but I just thought it was good to buy, and I threw it away after I finished tiktok.

4. In the season of love under cherry trees, eat meat diligently, really? Love soda is good to drink, like non-alcoholic honey peach Rio, inspirational soda can also drink, drink super inspirational.