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How to restore the deleted photos? Apple and Android mobile phone photo recovery method

Many of the photos on the mobile phone are our most precious memories. But sometimes we delete the photos from the phone for some reasons. If you want to retrieve the deleted photos, how to retrieve them? Today we will introduce the methods of recovering deleted photos by apple and Android phones respectively.

Android mobile phone photo recovery method

1. The browser searches for 'powerful Android Recovery Wizard' and downloads it to your computer. Connect the phone to the computer with a data cable.

2. Run the software and click the start connection button.

3. After the connection is successful, the device name, system version and connection status information will appear on the interface. After viewing, click the next button, and the software will start scanning the device and wait patiently for the scanning to complete.

4. After the scanning is completed, find the 'image' option in the left data classification and check it. After that, the detailed image information will appear next to it. Find the required ones, and then click the 'restore selected file' button to start the recovery work.

Apple mobile phone photo recovery method

1. Install the powerful Apple Recovery Wizard on our computer through browser search.

2. After we click on the iPhone software, we can resume the connection from the iPhone software.

3. Next, the software will back up the data of Apple mobile phone. After the data backup, we just need to click 'start scanning' and the software will automatically scan.

4. After scanning, we can click 'image' to see the photos in our mobile phone in the software interface. We check the photos we want to restore, and click 'export selected records' to save.

Now most mobile phone albums have their own 'recently deleted' albums. Open the 'recently deleted' album, and all the photos deleted within 30 days are here. Click Select to restore to the mobile phone. As time goes on, there will be more and more mobile phone photos, so it is recommended that you can back up or upload them to other places, so that even if you delete them, you don't have to worry about losing the photos, and it doesn't take up the memory of your phone.