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How to do more than cry in kindergarten on the first day of baby? How to pacify the baby's mood

After the baby goes to kindergarten, it marks the child's periodic growth. As parents, we are very happy in our hearts, but for some children, it is not easy to cry because they leave their mother's arms for the first time and live and play in a strange environment?

1. After a month or so away from school, I began to cultivate the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, so that at least the children are physically comfortable and healthy.

2. After leaving school for a month or so, it is necessary to instill in children the habit that everyone has to go to school and start to live independently, rather than crying. And, the main indoctrination to how fun, a lot of small partners ah, teachers with play ah, and so on.

3. Started to send kindergarten, the child still cried. Then, parents or parents must immediately turn around and leave, instead of grinding haw, watching, reluctant to leave, even accompanied by tears, which will only prolong the time of children crying.

4. Don't worry about giving the children to the teacher. Since you have chosen, you can only trust the teacher. After all, most of the teachers' ethics are good and will divert their attention. Children, too, can't really see their parents. In the twinkling of an eye, they stop crying and start playing.

5. Deliver every day. Don't think that the child cried so pitifully and heartache yesterday that he couldn't bear to send it again. Wrong! We must insist. And try not to interval between, some children, already did not cry, as a result, after a weekend, again send and cry.

6. The first time to pick up the children is to tell your mother when they arrive. At home every day to strive for, is to go to kindergarten, after class will be picked up. Otherwise, the ignorant child will feel that his mother suddenly does not want him, and it will be strange if he does not cry, right?

7. After a few days, the child's own heart also thinks that "crying can't be changed, kindergarten is a must", and at the same time, they are gradually familiar with the environment and classmates and teachers, and gradually establish their own sense of security, so that they will not cry again.

8. In the final analysis, the most important thing is that parents should control themselves: inculcate before delivery, be decisive after delivery, and develop good habits.