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Can you still eat the black avocado? Can avocado be eaten with black thread

Many people find a lot of black fiber after breaking the avocado. What is this? Can the black avocado be eaten? What is the reason for the black avocado to turn black? Avocado, known as forest cream, has rich nutritional value and is suitable for pregnant women and children.

Why does avocado turn black

As shown in the picture, the internal blackening of such avocado is due to vascular oxidation and head decay caused by too long aging. Winter ripening time should not be too long, placed in the sun warm place 25 degrees place about 2 days, the overall feel of the whole feel can be eaten.

General reasons for fruit blackening

As well as the damage to the skin of the fruit, as well as the damage caused by the inside of the fruit, is caused by oxygen. Oxygen reacts with some compounds in fruits (usually embedded in them) to oxidize them. Many of the compounds turn brown and black after being oxidized, which makes the injured part of the fruit black. Citric acid can be used to prevent fruit from turning black. Because citric acid is very oxidized, it can be used to remove oxygen and prevent fruit from turning black. That's why apple slices can stay dark for a long time if they are dipped in lemon juice.

Avocado has black line to eat

Some avocados will not soften after ripening, which may be because they have been frozen after picking. Most of the avocados will not ripen again, but there will be fine black fiber in the flesh. This kind of fruit can be eaten and spit out black aging fiber when eating.

Some avocados will appear black aging fiber after being stored for a long time or over ripe. This kind of fruit can be eaten. However, the black fiber in the fruit needs to be removed when eating. The best way to eat is to take out all the flesh of the fruit and put it in the juicer, add appropriate amount of milk and honey, and then filter out the inside Residue, drink juice.

Can you eat black fiber

[there is black line after cutting avocado] when the avocado is over mature, there will be fibrosis black lines in the flesh, or it will be preserved for a long time. Aging black tendons will also appear in the avocado flesh, which can be eaten, but the taste will become worse. It is good to spit it out when eating.

The fruit is a kind of fruit with high nutritional value. It contains a variety of vitamins, rich fat and protein. The content of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium is also high. It can be used as dishes and canned food in addition to raw fruit. The kernel contains fat oil, which is non dry oil and has a mild aroma. It is used for food, medicine and cosmetics industry. Avocado taste light, slightly fragrant, peeled edible, flesh is hard, less water, there is a smell of butter.

Avocado is generally due to excessive ripening, which leads to internal decay. At this time, it is best not to eat it! When the fruit begins to rot, it will cause a large number of harmful bacteria to propagate and produce toxins. People who eat this rotten fruit may have dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension and other symptoms. In addition, the nitrate contained in the rotten fruit will become toxic nitrite, which may cause cancer if eaten for a long time.

Cut off the bad part and you can't eat it

Because the toxin will continue to penetrate and spread throughout the fruit, this range is often larger than the rotten parts seen. According to the determination of a medical institution in the United States, the toxin can still be detected in the pulp 1 cm away from the rotten part. Therefore, in order to be safe, eat fruit to choose skin color bright, fresh fruit. If there is a little spot or a small amount of moth eaten, the rotten area and the pulp part more than 2 cm around it shall be removed with a knife; if the rotten area reaches or exceeds 1 / 3 of the fruit, it shall be thrown away and can not be eaten again.

Tips for eating avocado

1. The aged black fiber will appear after the avocado is stored for a long time. This kind of fiber can not be eaten, but other flesh parts can be eaten.

2. Avocado contains a large number of fatty acids, which is not suitable for large amount of consumption. Eating too much may cause obesity.

3. Avocado needs to be eaten as soon as possible after being cut. The avocado will be oxidized and blackened in the air after being cut. This blackened fruit cannot be eaten.