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Is it true that happiness knocks at the door? When happiness knocks on the door

When it comes to classic inspirational movies, it is absolutely necessary to knock on the door when happiness knocks. This film makes people feel the tenacity of a father. The most worthy of saying is that this film is also based on the true story, the following small editor will take you to understand.

When happiness knocks on the door is a true story

When happiness knocks on the door, it's based on a real story, which is a real story, but it doesn't succumb to reality. In the difficult life, give people hope, let people have the motivation to live on. Maybe because of the special time I spent watching this film, I am also working hard for the future. I have a lot of feeling and resonance. The protagonist of the story is Chris Gardner, an American black investment expert. It successfully interprets the inspirational story of a frustrated salesman on the verge of bankruptcy and his wife's leaving home, how he worked hard to fulfill his single parent's responsibility, strive to become a stock market trader and finally become a well-known financial investor. The film was nominated for Best Actor Oscar in 2006.

When happiness knocks on the door

The prototype is Chris Gardner.

Chris Gardner was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 9, 1954. He was a poor American businessman and investor. He had no father when he was a child. In order to get a better life, he joined the U.S. Navy.

He had been vagrant and jailed, but he never gave up his ideal of being a stockbroker and finally succeeded. The film "when happiness knocks" is based on his autobiography of the same name and is co performed by will & middot; Smith and his son Jaden & middot; Smith.

His parents divorced when he was a child and was beaten by his stepfather. Later, he was thrown into a shelter and sexually assaulted by men. As an adult, he joined the U.S. Navy in order to get a better life. He was once a vagrant and jailed. He used to sell medical equipment everywhere, but he ran into a wall everywhere. In order to pursue his dream, he lost his job, had no money to pay taxes and was detained. His wife left him and his son away from home, so he could only take his son to sleep in the public toilet, waiting hall, church and under the office table.

He had to wait in line every day for relief and even sold his blood many times in order to survive.

However, as a father, he never gave up his responsibility and dream. After the hard work beyond the estimation of ordinary people, he finally succeeded in counterattack and founded his own stock brokerage company with annual income of millions of dollars, and finally realized his original dream.