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Do Americans have high wages? What is the average wage in the United States

Because of the different levels of economic development in countries around the world, the wages paid to people working in each country are different. Wages in some developed countries may be higher than in others. So do you know how much the average wage in the United States is? Today, I have sorted out the relevant knowledge for you, let's have a look at it together!

1、 What is the average wage in the United States

The latest statistics show that: there are about 130 million employees in the United States (excluding self-employed), with an average wage of $43460 and an average hourly wage of $20.9; the average monthly income of Americans is $3000.

2、 What is average wage

The average wage is an indicator reflecting the overall level of wages. It refers to the average amount of monetary wage per worker in an enterprise, institution or institution within a certain period of time. It is different from the specific wage level of each individual.

On December 25, 2014, Yin Weimin, Minister of human resources and social security, said at the National Conference on human resources and social security: "timely implement the reform of the endowment insurance system of institutions and institutions". According to the report, 19 regions have adjusted the minimum wage standard throughout the year, with an average increase of 14.1%.

On May 27, 2015, the National Bureau of statistics released the survey data, and the average annual wage of employees in all survey units was 49969 yuan. Among them, the average salary of middle-level and above managers is the highest, which is 2.20 times of the average level of all employees.