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How old can baby eat avocado? A complete set of supplementary foods for avocado

Avocado is a good thing, with the reputation of forest cream, especially for the baby, it is very helpful for the baby's brain development. So how old can the baby eat avocado? How to give the baby avocado? Today, I will teach you some avocado complementary food practices.

How old can a baby eat avocado

Avocado, also known as avocado, must be familiar to everyone. The nutritional value of avocado is very high. How old can you eat avocado? Generally speaking, the baby can eat avocado after six months. Mothers can press the avocado pulp into mud with a spoon, and then feed it to the baby directly. As the baby grows older, step by step.

However, parents should pay attention to the fact that avocado contains too much oil. For younger babies, eating more is not conducive to digestion. Although the baby can add supplementary food from four months, it is better to add it after six months. Parents in the baby to eat avocado, remember not to eat more, according to the baby's digestion to quantify.

Recommended recipe for baby to eat avocado

Egg yolk and avocado rice paste

The ingredients to prepare are rice paste, avocado, boiled eggs.

The manufacturing method is as follows:

1. Mix the rice paste with water.

2. Scrape avocado with a spoon and grind the yolk of boiled eggs into mud.

3. The final sample can be matched together.

Banana puree with Avocado

The ingredients to be prepared are 150 ml breast milk or milk powder, one and a half teaspoons of baby porridge mixed with 60 ml milk, avocado, appropriate amount of cherry and banana puree.

The manufacturing method is as follows:

1, avocado with a knife to cut out a fifth, two cherries seeded, banana a small section.

2. Cut the appeal materials into small squares and put them into the blender to form mud.

Avocado and carrot puree

The ingredients to prepare are avocado and carrot.

The manufacturing method is as follows:

1. Cut the avocado and scrape out the avocado pulp with a spoon.

2. Steam the carrot in a pot, press it into mud and mix it with butter.

Avocado fruit salad

The ingredients to prepare are avocado, steamed pear, banana and full fat yogurt.

The manufacturing method is as follows:

1. Take out the avocado, banana, peel and cut into pieces.

2. Put the fruit into a blender and stir it into mud and take it out.

3. Finally, add whole milk yogurt.

Avocado cheese

Ingredients to prepare: avocado, wheat germ (or crushed cereal), cream cheese, biscuits.

The manufacturing method is as follows:

1. Peel the avocado, take out the pulp and mash it.

2. Melt the cheese and mix with avocado.

3. Add malt or crushed cereal to form a semi-solid.

4. Finally, pinch the semi-finished products into small balls and mix them into bread or biscuits for your baby to eat.