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What day is spring 2019? What are the traditional customs of spring commune day

Vernal equinox is a festival in our country. Many people will worship the land on this day. Do you know what day spring commune day is? What are the customs of spring equinox? Let's learn about it.

What is the spring commune day in 2019

Which day is spring commune day in 2019: Thursday, March 7, 2019

Spring commune day is also Zhonghe Festival. In China, it is a day of offering sacrifices to land God in spring. According to the records of Guangji, "the cottage is used as the wine of neutralization, and the grain of grain is sacrificed to pray for new year's grain.". It reposes the ancient Chinese working people's prayer for a better life. "She" refers to the day of the commune.

How to calculate the spring commune day in 2019:

The time of Spring Club is the fifth fifth day after the beginning of spring. The beginning of spring in 2019 is February 4. The first fifth day after the beginning of spring falls on February 5, and then 40 days later is the fifth day, that is, March 07, the first day of February of the lunar calendar, and the Wushen day of Yimao month in the year of the dog of 1898.

Another calculation method of spring Society: it is the second "Wu" day before the Qingming Dynasty (the six days of Wuzi, Wuyin, Wuchen, Wuwu, Wushen and Wuxu are called Wuri, also known as' Liuwu '). Therefore, spring club is usually more than ten days before the Qingming Festival.

What are the customs of spring commune day

1. She Opera: also known as Shehuo, is a relic of the Southern Song Dynasty. In many areas (such as Zhili, Huozhou, Fenxi, Jingzhou), in the spring society, they would raise money to perform social drama according to the size and status of the villages. And in Linfen, Shanxi Province, there is also a custom of holding incense party and playing community fire.

2. Social sacrifice: as the original purpose of spring society, it is also the custom of spring society in many places. For example, in spring communes in Liuhe, Jingshan, Xuanen and Yingshan (now Guangshui County, Hubei Province), the common people will gather gold, wine and Li, steam rice to make cakes, or make rice cakes to worship the God of the earth.

3. Wu Zhu: in the local chronicles of the Qing Dynasty, there were also many local communes with the custom of extending the witchcraft to sacrifice the society. Many gongs and drums are used to welcome the gods.

4. Drinking together: after the sacrificial ceremony, men, women, old and young sit together to drink together, which is also a custom in many places, such as Huangzhou, Wuchang, Qishui, Huanggang, Mianyang, etc. According to Yun Yin she wine can cure deafness and is conducive to the growth of future generations.

5. Other customs: in many places, there are some special customs, such as the custom of flying kites in Qianyang, the custom of repairing new graves in Huojia and Chongyang, and the custom of going to the society in Licheng and Lu'an, that is, walking with relatives and friends or carrying the spirit of the society.