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Which consumer rights day is 315 in 2019? Slogan of 315 consumer rights day

March 15 is the consumer rights day, which can also be said to be a day to crack down on counterfeit goods. Let's take a look at which consumer rights day is 315 in 2019? As a consumer rights and interests day, when one's legitimate rights and interests are threatened, we must defend our legitimate interests.

Which consumer rights day is 315 in 2019

37th. The consumer rights and interests day was determined in 1983, so 1983 is the first consumer association day, and the 37th consumer rights day will be in 2019. On March 15, 1991, the Ministry of economy of CCTV first launched a live broadcast 3 & middot; 15 international consumer rights and interests day consumer friends special party. Since its launch, the party has exposed numerous scams, traps, dark scenes and fake and shoddy goods. It has maintained fairness and justice and changed the fate and life of countless people. Every year on March 15, the Party of 3 & middot; 15 will make a strong voice to protect the rights and interests of consumers.

Slogan of 315 consumer rights day in 2019:

1. According to the law, operators must provide and use credit cards.

2. Create a harmonious consumption environment and promote sound and rapid economic development.

3. We should advocate honesty and trustworthiness and build a harmonious consumption.

4. To promote the use of credit cards as a starting point to protect the rights and interests of consumers in accordance with the law.

5. Publicize and implement the theme of "consumption and safety" well.

6. Credit card is the symbol of credit and reputation of enterprises and operators.

7. Scientific, reasonable and civilized consumption.

8. Do a good job in consumption education and improve the quality of consumers.

9. We should improve the consumption environment and promote sound and rapid economic and social development.

10. We will fully implement the law on the protection of consumers' rights and interests.

11. It is the common responsibility of the whole society to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

12. Honesty and trustworthiness is the social responsibility of enterprises.

13. Safeguard the rights and interests of consumers and build a harmonious socialist society.

14. Enterprises are the main body of market management and the first person responsible for consumer rights protection. They should operate in good faith and abide by the law.

15. We will improve the settlement mechanism of consumption disputes and create a harmonious and assured consumption environment.

16. We should improve the settlement mechanism of consumer disputes and create harmony together.

17. We should do a good job in guiding consumption and enhance the ability of consumers to protect their rights.

18. Fairness and justice, consumption harmony.

19. We will crack down on the manufacture and sale of counterfeit goods and commercial fraud.

20. It is the common responsibility of the whole society to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

21. Create financial brand, promote industry civilization and serve people's livelihood.

22. Vigorously carry out the activities of "reassuring consumption and safeguarding rights in rural areas".

23. Mobilize the whole society to jointly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

24. Give full play to the role of public opinion and promote the protection of consumer rights.

25. Be assured of consumption, trust first, and safeguard rights according to law.

Improve people's livelihood and promote consumption.

27. Consumption safety enters the campus and primary and secondary school students safeguard their rights.

28. The youth of life is priceless, and there is a contract to protect the rights of consumption.

29. Improve the rural consumption environment and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of farmers.

Improve the consumption environment and promote social development.

Speech on consumer rights day 2019:

Dear friends

Good morning, everyone. The topic of my speech today is "credit makes consumption more secure".

March 15 is international consumer rights day. The rights and interests of consumers refer to the rights and interests enjoyed by consumers according to law when they obtain goods or receive services for a certain period of time. The so-called rights and interests of consumers refer to the rights enjoyed by consumers according to law and the due benefits brought to consumers when the rights are protected. Its core is the rights of consumers. It mainly includes: the right not to damage personal and property safety in the use of goods and services, the right to choose independently, the fair trade conditions with quality guarantee, reasonable price and accurate measurement, and the right to respect personality and national customs.

In 315 years, people talk about safeguarding their rights every year. Wang Hai's disturbance many years ago has been gradually forgotten by people, and the heroes of fighting against counterfeiting have gradually disappeared from people's sight. "15" is still going on, but how many people are still interested in this? How many people still believe in it?

Of course, after so many years of 315 lectures like propaganda, people's hearts have long understood that there are so many unscrupulous businesses infringing on their interests, and there are so many hegemonic clauses bullying their rights and interests. It turns out that they can fight against this through the consumer association through the law. But at the same time, don't those illegal traders know?

It is undeniable that our efforts over the past few years have yielded certain results. However, the way is one foot higher than the devil, many counterfeiters have more sophisticated means, and the skills of black hearted traders are becoming more and more mature. However, our consumer association has always adhered to the old rules and has not changed much. For example, suppose that a person bought a defective product and failed to negotiate with the merchant, so he complained to the Consumer Association. The consumer association first had to negotiate with the merchant. If the other party bought the face, it was ok, and the matter was solved smoothly. If it could not, the consumer would be required to go to the relevant department for technical identification of the product and the cost of identification Moreover, the cost of technical appraisal sometimes exceeds the price of the commodity itself. Even if the consumer successfully complains and gets compensation, the time and energy spent during this period will make the compensation more than the gain. This alone will make many people retreat. I can't afford the energy, the time, the money. Unless it is a professional crackdown on counterfeit goods like Wang Hai, or the price of commodities is not cheap, otherwise, who can withstand such a toss?

It is also because of this, resulting in many people suffer losses on their own bad luck, leading to some illegal business illegal behavior repeatedly prohibited phenomenon.

Therefore, I think that the protection of rights should be considered from these aspects, whether some things that were originally done by consumers, such as the technical identification of goods, can be changed. Instead of asking consumers to prove that there is something wrong with the goods, it is better to use the businessmen to prove that their products are not in problem. This can not only reduce the difficulty in the process of consumers' rights protection, but also can improve the quality of products Illegal traders play a deterrent role. After all, it's not the consumers who buy the wrong things.

The country has spent a lot of effort to crack down on counterfeiting, which is doing practical things for the people. If this practical matter can be considered from the perspective of the people, it will be more recognized by the people, and it will achieve twice the result with half the effort. As if we put out a fire with water, there will always be some spark left. If we combine it with the bottom and work together, I think the effect will be better.

Thank you very much.