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How to handle Taobao business license in 2019? Taobao business license procedures

In recent years, with the outbreak of the Internet era, the competition among online Taobao stores has become more and more fierce. They all want to have a try and share a share. About opening Taobao shop also needs business license, so how to handle the business license of Taobao in 2019? Small series with you to understand Taobao business license procedures.

First of all, it is necessary to apply for new certificates within the prescribed time, and it is not good to handle them when they are overdue

Our Taobao shop Taobao business license expired, we need to apply for the business license within half a year after the expiration, otherwise we may face punishment, or the shop can not operate normally. However, we can also apply for business license, as long as we need to open a new shop or face punishment. Therefore, we must not be overdue, remember the time and handle it in time.

After that, an application for a new business license shall be submitted to the Administration for Industry and commerce

We found that Taobao business license expired, timely submitted to the industrial and commercial bureau for new business license application. We can submit the application to the local industry and Commerce Bureau of Taobao store. When applying, we also need to prepare relevant materials and remember the relevant information of our shop before applying, so as to avoid having to run back and forth. After all, many information is not easy to sort out in the industrial and commercial bureau. You can apply to the industrial and commercial bureau in time.

We need to prepare the name of Taobao shop and the nature of business address

To be honest, it is troublesome to apply for Taobao business license, even if the materials are complete. We must prepare our own Taobao shop qualification information, and have part of the deposit to be able to apply for Taobao business license. There is also the need for a Taobao shop name, because the business license expired, the name of the line before. However, with the experience of Taobao store, the nature, location, variety range and sales scope of Taobao store may change. We must prepare these relevant materials to prove it, so as not to fail to apply for Taobao business license or fail to operate normally if it is inconsistent with Taobao store.

Also need Taobao store's legal person id card and copy

We must prepare the materials, as well as the ID card and copy of Taobao store legal person. You can also scan the ID card to apply, if the ID card is not convenient to use, this method is OK. However, you need photos or scanned copies of the front and back of the ID card. If you are ready, you can apply for the business license of Taobao store.

After that, we need to fill in the form and provide relevant materials in the Bureau of industry and commerce

After that, we can take these materials and go to the industrial and commercial bureau for Taobao business license. We need to fill in the form if the materials are complete. We can fill in the form according to the content of the form. If there is any immovable one, you can ask the staff. It is not difficult. Fill in the form and submit the materials to the staff, review, and wait for Taobao business license can be done down. If the material is OK, wait.

There is no problem with the audit materials. You need to wait about half a month to get the new Taobao business license

After we submit the materials, we will wait for it. We will ask about it in about ten days to see if it has been completed and if there are any problems. Basically, we can get a new Taobao business license soon. We'd better bring the identification certificate to get it. Otherwise, who knows if you are the owner of this business license. We should prepare more materials, so that we can smoothly handle and get the new Taobao business license.

We can also find professional but handling agencies, for us to deal with the new Taobao business license after expiration

Because of their own Taobao business license is very troublesome, many people can not handle down. Even if the materials are complete, I don't know how to handle it. At this time, we can find professional Taobao business license institutions, for us to deal with Taobao business license, generally they will not have a problem for us. However, we need our own shop to have no problem, and Taobao shop has certificate gold to be able to. This Taobao business license expired how to do the problem is solved. This is the only way. Otherwise, we can operate without a business license.