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How long does the cherry blossom period of Wuda in 2019? The origin of cherry blossom in Wuda

Wuhan University has the reputation of "the most beautiful university". Especially when cherry blossoms are in full bloom in early spring, the whole campus is full of flowers, and the fragrance is very strong. So how long is the flowering period of the cherry blossom in Wuhan University? If you want to see the cherry blossom, it is very important to do a good strategy in advance.

When will the cherry blossom of Wuhan University open in 2019

Every year, when cherry blossoms are in full bloom, Wuhan University becomes the best place to enjoy cherry blossoms. The old buildings set off the cherry blossoms are really beautiful. The best viewing period is from the middle of March to the beginning of April every year, and it gradually opens from March 15 to March 18 to 28, which is also the golden time period. Tourists choose to go there during this period.

How long will the cherry blossom meeting of Wuhan University last

Judging from the flowering period of previous years, the cherry blossom of Wuhan University can last for about 13-20 days. However, the flowering period may be prolonged or shortened due to the change of temperature. When the cherry blossom is in full bloom, many tourists will come to watch it. To make a crowd of psychological preparation, besides the cherry blossom, the old buildings of Wuhan University that combine Chinese and Western culture can not be missed.

Wuda Cherry Blossom start and end time 2019

In 2019, it is recommended to visit the cherry blossom in late March. This year, the first flowering period is in the middle of March, the full flowering period is in the late March, and the flowering period ends in about 10-15 days after the full flowering period. Wuhan small partner suggested to visit the cherry blossom garden of Wuhan University to enjoy the beautiful scenery of cherry blossom in full bloom. In March every year, in Wuhan University, known as the most beautiful university in China, the breath of spring blows over the mountains and wakes up cherry blossoms that have been sleeping for a year. More than 1000 cherry blossoms are blooming in the campus, one by one, as white as frost and snow, as bright as clouds, like flying clouds. They are very gorgeous, making the original quiet campus a lively spring park. From the main archway of the school to Luojia mountain, the school road is full of people who come to enjoy the cherry blossoms in groups. Everywhere, flowers are like the sea and people are like tides.

Although cherry blossom is beautiful, its flowering period is short, and it will be more affected by rainy days. Therefore, it is suggested to grasp the best time for Cherry Blossom appreciation. Last year, the cherry blossom period of Wuhan University was 23 days, but it was only 10 days in 2012. In this period of time, you can see the cherry trees from the dots into flowers, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery of falling flowers.

The origin of cherry blossom in Wuda

It must be that many people still don't quite understand. To say that, the cherry trees of Wuhan University were first donated by Premier Zhou Enlai in 1972. In 1982, in order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of China Japan friendship, Japan Friendship Association and Japan seizuki Co., Ltd. presented another 100 cherry trees to Wuhan University. In 1992, on the occasion of commemorating the 20th anniversary of China Japan friendship, Mr. Shatian Shoufu, China Hubei friends association, Hiroshima China Co., Ltd., presented 200 Cherry Blossom seedlings. From cherry blossom Avenue, you can watch cherry blossom along the road. The platform of the student dormitory close to Sakura Avenue is also a good viewing platform, with a panoramic view of the whole sea of flowers. A breeze blowing, cherry blossoms such as rain scattered, falling 'cherry' colorful, people are intoxicated, even the air is filled with the breath of spring.