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Why should eye cream be emulsified before use? Correct emulsification method of Keyan eye cream

Some eye cream because of the texture and composition of the reasons for the need for emulsification and reuse, many people do not know exactly how this emulsification is emulsified, today Xiaobian to teach you the right way to emulsify eye cream, in fact, more than eye cream, and some brands of cream is also needed to emulsify.

Eye cream emulsification method

Take appropriate amount of eye cream from the ring finger, two fingers opposite, let the eye cream adapt to the human body temperature, be infected by the human body temperature, and then rub each other's fingers to fully emulsify the eye cream. At the beginning, it was thick cream like. When it was rubbed, the texture became thin. The surface was full of water, but it was not completely transparent.

Eye cream products requiring emulsification

Keyan's avocado eye cream

Reference price: ¥ 249

Main function: stretch dry lines, moisturize and moisturize

Comprehensive word of mouth: four stars

It's almost become a synonym for 'young eye cream'. Eye cream for young people has the highest turnover rate.

The main ingredients include avocado oil, carotene, shea butter, vitamin E, etc. Although the 'emulsification' step is required, it is actually a very mild and good absorption type of moisturizing. However, geese are not good at removing dark circles, wrinkles and bags under their eyes.

Prevention! Wrinkles, smooth! Dry lines, oil skin does not grow fat particles--

If these are your appeals, please feel free to follow suit. "Moistening things silently" is just suitable to describe it.

Personal evaluation: Girls almost start to use eye cream when they reach 20. For example, I like to laugh very much. The biggest problem is that there are smile lines in the corners of the eyes. Other problems haven't been found yet, but they need to be prevented. So I'll start with Estee Lauder's eye cream and Keyan's eye cream.

This avocado eye cream is the star product of Keyan family. I think avocado is very good, mild water will not grow fat particles. I use it more in the evening, and the next day I get up, the small dry lines are gone.

I usually take the amount of mung bean, two ring fingers first rub open, after full emulsification, with the ring finger belly, starting from the end of the eye, gently press around the eyes, try to avoid direct contact with the eyes, so as not to cause allergy. Pay attention not to pull, because the skin around the eyes is very delicate. It absorbs quickly and has no sticky feeling at all. Not much, but it can be used for a long time, so the cost performance ratio is relatively high.

The biggest puzzle about avocado must be the same as before: is it oil? Can it produce fat particles?

Before entering this product, a friend of mine told me that she felt oil, but another friend told me that there was no oil at all. After I opened the bottle, I felt that the use of avocado eye cream was extremely important, which directly determined two different senses of use: if the emulsification was not complete, the avocado would feel sticky and hard to push away; if the emulsification was good, it would be as refreshing as water.

About emulsification: ring finger take appropriate amount, two fingers opposite, first let eye cream adapt to body temperature, and then rub to help fully emulsify. Emulsification can make the original thick texture become lighter, some eye cream after emulsification will become transparent. Therefore, the eye cream after emulsification is more comfortable and reassuring. At the beginning, it is creamy. After rubbing for dozens of times, you will feel that the texture of avocado becomes thinner and thinner. The surface is water like, but it is not completely transparent. At this time, light it around the eyes.

Feeling is good absorption and not greasy at all.

A qualified eye cream is to use after you feel that the skin around the eyes is full of moisture, rather than removing dark circles, bags and wrinkles.

Don't underestimate the moisturizing effect of eye cream, which is very important to prevent dry lines and slow down new fine lines.

And use enough eye cream. If the dosage is not enough, it is easy to pull the skin of the eye during eye massage, and the effect is discounted. And eye cream should be used as soon as possible. Because prevention is more important than rescue. Many small buddy partners have a view: eye cream and essence, what seems to be after twenty-five years old. But instead of maintaining the skin when problems arise, why not take care of it when the skin is at its peak. Avocado can be used sooner or later, it is worth noting that some eye cream is suitable for use at night. Because it is open, we should pay attention to the hygiene when using, so it is recommended to use it as soon as possible. How about the shelf life after opening the bottle? There is an open bottle icon under the small book icon on the package, with 6m on it, which means it should be used up within six months after opening. For example, avocado is 6m, high moisture is 12M, and white mud is 12m (one year).