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What do you pay attention to when cooking? 6 points for attention

Traditional Chinese customs attach great importance to moving and associate it with future career. This is the reason why the saying "live and work in peace and contentment". So what do you pay attention to when you open fire and cook? 6 points for attention. The following are the details of the meal:

The following six kinds of daily necessities should be prepared before moving into the house

1. Rice: use "rice pail" to fill eight Fen full rice. Put a red envelope in the rice bucket, containing paper money, tea and nine copper coins (or coins)

2. Water: fill a bucket with 7% water (water should be taken from the old house)

3. Bowls and chopsticks: prepare a new set of bowls and chopsticks for everyone in the family

4. A pair of dustpan and broom, tied with red cloth

5. Prepare a new set of underwear, pillow and bed sheet for everyone in the family

There is a stove and a fan