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Learn how to lose weight quickly without spending a penny

Weight loss is an eternal topic for most girls and even boys. After all, it's not the Tang Dynasty era when fat is beautiful. Nowadays, beauty is thin. Who doesn't want to be thin beauty. And weight loss will have a huge impact on appearance. Some people who usually look unattractive become gods and goddesses after they lose weight successfully.

But now there are all kinds of weight-loss drugs out there, they all have extremely high prices, and weight-loss drugs can damage the body. We are not like stars, who not only have money but also have special people to adjust their bodies and improve their physique. So how can we lose weight quickly without spending money? After all, we don't want to give up the beautiful skirt because of the body problem.

The most basic thing, of course, is to eat. There's a popular online joke recently. You don't have a fat constitution when you drink water. You forget to think you only drink water when you eat fried chicken, cola, chips, roasted string, spicy hot and hot. In fact, there is still a little truth. It's rare to drink fat water. Many people get fat because they eat too much.

Never eat greasy or high calorie food at ordinary times. For example, Fried Bun, sugar and oil Baba, chocolate and so on. Especially in the evening, it's better to eat only one apple. Of course, if you can't bear to eat apples, you should eat white rice and a little vegetables. Don't put too much oil in the vegetables.

There is also exercise, obesity is nothing more than eating too much but not moving. Usually I insist on running in the morning and evening, about 700 meters. If you have a lot of fat on your stomach, you can do 60 sit ups before you go to bed, 20 in a group, and pay attention to a few seconds after you finish 20. After the sit ups are finished, knead the belly clockwise for 100 times and anticlockwise for 100 times.