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What nutrition does abalone shell have? The function and function of abalone shell

Abalone shell, also known as Cassia obtusifolia, is a precious medicinal material. It can be used as medicine after washing, drying, crushing and grinding. But what nutrition does abalone shell have? Abalone Shell function and function to understand.

A Chinese medicine told reporters that most of the meat and shell of seafood have medicinal value. For example, abalone shell, also known as Shi Jueming, has the functions of clearing heat, calming the liver, nourishing yin and strengthening yang; the shell of oyster is actually a calcium supplement product; chitin can be extracted from the shell of crab, which is the main component of surgical suture in western medicine; squid bone powder added with sugar water can cure stomach and twelve finger intestinal ulcer, gastric acid excess and other diseases; "Unfortunately, most of the shells of seafood treasures in the hotel have been thrown away. "In fact, things like abalone shells are precious medicinal materials. As long as they are washed, dried, broken and ground, they can be used as medicine.

In addition to grinding powder for medicine, abalone shell can also be processed simply, such as grinding, drilling, threading, etc., to make beautiful necklaces, pendants, bracelets and other decorations.

It is said that you can boil water and drink it to supplement calcium.