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Who are the top pop singers in history? Top 10 Chinese pop singers

Singing skill is a composite concept, which is a standard of assessment after the singer's timbre, breath, emotion, expressive force, etc. Although a singer with perfect singing skills may not be able to have perfect works, but at least the first step has been successful. Who are the top pop singers in history? Let's learn about the top ten Chinese pop singers.

No. 10, Eason Chan

The attitude of "e God" towards music has been praised by people around. The delicate emotional expression in his voice line can always arouse the resonance of the listeners, and the graceful bass can best grasp people's hearts.

No. 9, Tu Honggang

Tu Hong has just sung Peking Opera, and the performance of the songs has a strong sense of traditional culture, which makes people have endless aftertaste. The majestic atmosphere of singing, the neat and natural, is really shocking.

No. 8, Han Lei

When I was a child, the first time I listened to "borrowing from heaven for 500 years" I was totally convinced by the broad and heroic voice of Mr. Han. The atmosphere was impeccable. I'm afraid that no one can surpass Mr. Han in terms of the magnificence of expression.

No. 7, Na Ying

I still remember a concert of Na Ying recommended by my classmates, one of which was a solo. That kind of clear and transparent, pure and flawless voice gives people fantasy like enjoyment.

Sixth, Sun Nan

Sun Nan's voice is a little bit thin, but there is no thin feeling. Instead, he is particularly resilient. The penetration of the treble is unparalleled. It's a pleasure that goes directly from the ear to the heart.

Fifth, Han Hong

Han Hong's strength is obvious to all. Many of her songs are of extremely high standard, which has always been the target of many contestants. Its voice can be sweet or spicy, not just the legendary "Treble".

Fourth, Huang Qishan

The voice of "Huang Ma" is approved to be "the most beautiful female voice in Asia", which is not a false name. The voice can walk on every note of the music score with ease, presenting us with a kind of elegance and comfort.

Third place, Mao Amin

As one of the most popular singers in the last century, Mao Amin almost represents the highest level in the industry. Many TV series interlude works, each capital is a boutique, rare good voice.

Second, Zhang Xueyou

The control of Xueyou's breath and the switching of true and false sounds are all at the peak. He is a person who combines skills and personal emotions perfectly. After listening to a concert, you will know that the name of "God of songs" is not exaggerated.

First place, Tan Jing

You can't find fault with Tan Jing's singing from any angle. Singing is really moving, resonance to the listener can not help but cry. Seduce people to enjoy the charm of the voice again and again.