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How to get a motorcycle license plate? How to calculate the tax on motorcycle purchase

Nowadays, many young people like motorcycles very much. Before buying a car, they should learn how to drive and get a driving license. Many netizens still don't know how to register motorcycles? How to calculate the tax on motorcycle purchase? The following small compiled some relevant information, let's have a look.

When a motorcycle goes to the home, the car should be driven to the Department where it belongs, because the motorcycle needs two photos, one for issuing the driving license, the other for filing, and the motorcycle frame number (the frame number is not the engine number). Old cars need to be transferred. New cars are usually registered within one month. If they are overdue, the inspection fee will be added. The vehicles purchased from other places can also be opened to local owners. When going to the owners, they need to submit the vehicle certificate, purchase invoice, vehicle compulsory insurance and a copy of the owner's ID card to the local vehicle management department. The identity name of the purchase invoice must be consistent with that of the compulsory traffic insurance.

Reminder: there are subsidies for purchasing cars with rural household registration. You need to copy 2 copies of vehicle certificate to use when you take the subsidy. (the vehicle management office shall file the original certificate)

Extended data:

Motorcycle license plate needs special vehicle purchase invoice, certificate of conformity, product identity card of the buyer, and then pay compulsory insurance and purchase tax, and then go to the vehicle management office to handle the relevant procedures, give the car photo, extension number and so on.

The license plate of a motorcycle requires the buyer's ID card, vehicle certificate and certificate of conformity, and then take these procedures to the vehicle management office to fill in the form, pay the fees, pay the purchase tax and compulsory insurance, check the car in the vehicle management office, extend the number, and take photos (make driving license for the car photo).

The purchase tax is 10% of the price excluding tax. There is a "price excluding tax" column in the lower left corner of the purchase invoice. Its 10% is the purchase tax to be paid when the license plate is registered, which is about 8.00% of the purchase price, or the purchase tax can be calculated by using the purchase price / 1, 17 * 10%.

Compulsory traffic insurance is generally more than 100 yuan. There will be fluctuations in different areas. Some places may have to buy some other insurance, which is also subject to the local regulations. Other license plates, driving license, cost of production and photography are about 200 yuan in total. According to the vehicle price, the purchase tax price is calculated, and then the total cost of registration is calculated.

For example, if you buy a motorcycle for 5000 yuan, the total cost of the license plate is about 700 or 800 yuan.