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How does dot cough have phlegmy to do? What's good fast

Every baby is the heart and soul of their parents. Their parents are worried about every bad symptom of their children. Coughing is not a big problem, but it is also a worry for parents. So what should children do to cough?

First of all, let's understand the causes of cough. Only when we know the causes can we better prescribe the right medicine. The first reason is that the cough and phlegm caused by lung heat often occur in some children with poor resistance, and it is always repeated without improvement. The second reason is that the baby has bronchitis after catching a cold. Such a cough is a persistent cough, especially in the evening. The third reason is lung dryness, which is usually accompanied by fever or constipation.

There are corresponding treatment methods for these reasons, and dietotherapy is a good choice. Common porridge with yam, ice sugar, pear water, Lily porridge, radish soup are all to consider, in addition to the older baby can also choose fresh garlic or Chrysanthemum and so on.

The baby's respiratory system and digestive system are not mature, so we must be cautious and cautious in drug selection. We can consider buying some syrup of big brands on the market, diluting it and drinking it for the baby, or going to a big hospital to let the doctor prescribe drugs suitable for the baby's physique.

What we should also pay attention to is to improve the living environment of the baby, pay attention to food hygiene, pay attention to indoor ventilation and humidity, too dry air will also cause the baby cough, so we can prepare a humidifier. Mother's diet should also be light, to avoid stimulating spicy food. Give warm boiled water to baby, follow the principle of a small number of times to keep baby's throat moist.