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What if the input method icon is missing? Here are the specific solutions

When we operate the computer, we sometimes encounter the problem that the input method icon is missing. Because of various reasons, the input method icon on the computer desktop is always not displayed, which leads to the problem that we can't click the soft keyboard to switch, or that is, the input method can't switch between Chinese and English, which is very annoying. In fact, these problems are very simple and can be solved in a short time. Let's take a look at the specific operation methods!

The first method is to open the text service, open the control panel, find "regional and Language Options" in it, and then click Details in "text service and input language" in this tab to cancel the "close advanced text service" hook. The second way is to directly click on the lower right corner of the task bar blank, the language bar is good.

The third way is to open the control panel to find the 'regional and language options', find the' text service and input language ', click the details, and select' display language bar on the desktop '.

The fourth method is to select the operation in the beginning, input r e g s v r 32 m s u t b d l to try. If none of the above methods work, you can choose to turn on anti-virus software or reinstall the system, or go to the computer city to find a computer expert to show you.

It is recommended not to download too many input methods. Too many input methods may cause system disorder. You can enter the input method settings in the control panel to delete all the redundant input methods and keep your favorite one. Above is the solution to the disappearance of the input method icon, you can choose according to your own computer situation.