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What about heatstroke? If you don't know, learn!

In the hot summer days, outdoor workers often suffer from heatstroke. With the global warming, the temperature in summer is getting higher and higher, and the heatstroke rate is also significantly increased. Moreover, we often see reports of someone dying of heatstroke due to the hot weather. If someone suddenly heatstroke, but does not receive accurate emergency treatment, it will miss the best time to rescue. According to the survey, the death rate of heatstroke is now 20-70%. So what should I do if I have heatstroke? Let's learn together!

Patients with mild heatstroke will only feel a burst of dizziness, weakness and mild vomiting. At this time, go to a cool and ventilated place to drink some boiled water, cold boiled water with salt, and Huoxiang Zhengqi water. After a rest, it will get better. More serious patients will feel headache, extreme weakness, nausea and vomiting, heart rate is accelerated, and some people's temperature will rise rapidly. You should immediately go to a cool and ventilated place, drink a bottle of ten drops of water, take off your clothes, wipe your head, neck, creak nest, arm bend, etc. with a wet towel, and then lie down to rest. Very serious patients will be delirious, weak eyesight, hard to breathe or even directly faint and shock, this situation will be rushed to the hospital in time.

If you have heatstroke during exercise, stop exercising immediately, take a deep breath and do relaxation activities slowly, and then go to rest. If he faints directly during the exercise, he should immediately lie on his back, raise his legs, lower his head, take off his clothes and belt, and do centripetal massage to speed up the blood flow, and he will wake up after a period of time.

As for the food to relieve heatstroke, Xiaobian recommends the soup of loofah and mung bean. Prepare 60 grams of mung beans and a few fresh loofah flowers. After the mung beans are cooked with clear water, put the loofah flowers in the mung bean soup. When they are boiled, you can drink the soup. It has the effect of heat relieving and can relieve the heat stroke caused by high temperature in summer.