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Divorce property division, but also happy!

People all say "get together, get together and get together". If you can't be a husband and wife, you can still be friends! In this flash marriage era, divorce events happen frequently. If there is a little discord, the couple will divorce. How to divide the divorced property after divorce? This is a difficult problem. Many couples are so stiff about divorce property division that they can't even make friends or even become enemies. So divorce property division is a big problem. But Xiaobian told you that such a division of property is a small matter and everyone is happy!

Before the division of divorce property, we first understand what is the division of divorce property. The division of divorce property is the division of husband and wife's common property, which refers to the division of husband and wife's common property into their own personal property according to law at the time of divorce. From Article 17 to Article 19 of the current marriage law, it is clear that the joint property of husband and wife is the property acquired during the existence of the husband and wife relationship, and the content of the joint property of husband and wife is specified in the form of enumeration and generalization. The law also stipulates that there are two ways to divide the joint property of husband and wife, i.e. agreement division and judgment division. If there is an agreement on legal marital property between the two parties, the agreement shall prevail. The special property of one party belongs to me. In general, the joint property of husband and wife shall be equally divided, and may be unequal if necessary. In case of dispute, the people's court shall make a judgment according to law.

We usually divide the divorce property by agreement. Generally, the division of divorce property should adhere to the principle of equality between men and women. The principle of taking care of children and women's interests. The principle of being beneficial to life and convenient for life. The principle of non abuse of rights, as long as we adhere to the above principles, generally there will not be too much contradiction.

When divorcing property, we should pay attention to what is common property and determine what is the scope of common property. We can't really find a lawyer. But we must face it calmly and rationally. We should not quarrel between the two sides. We should think about each other and try to divide the divorced property rationally, fairly and fairly.

Xiaobian thinks that as long as both sides can reasonably face fair and just discussions and agreements, and think about each other more, the division of divorce property must be happy for everyone, so that they can get together and meet each other in the future.