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Delicious cake at home you can have different DIY

Looking at all kinds of attractive cakes in the bakery, are you swallowing saliva one after another? Do you particularly want to have a good meal and worry about uncleanness? Do you occasionally want to make a love cake for him by yourself? Today we're going to share a little strategy of making cakes in the oven at home!

First of all, prepare the materials needed to make the cake: 3-5 eggs, 160g refined sugar, 120g low gluten powder, 15-20g cream, 20cc milk. (the preparation of materials can be slightly changed according to personal preferences) after the materials are ready, you can start to make cakes in the oven. The first step is to put eggs in the egg beater and then add the sugar, then stir the egg and sugar into the foam with the egg whisk. At this time, the egg can be heated properly by warm water to make the cake more soft and elastic. The second step is to sieve the low gluten powder first, then pour it into the mixed egg liquid, and mix the low gluten powder in it with a spoon. The third step is to melt the milk and cream in advance and then pour them into the egg liquid, and then mix them quickly. If the mixing degree is not enough, the cake bubbles will be too big and the taste will be rough, but if the mixing degree is too high, the cake will be over hardened, so it is necessary to look at the right time and grasp the right degree.

After all the materials are ready, take out the cake model you like. You can pour the mixed egg liquid into the cake model about eight minutes full. Then put the model into the 180 degree oven and bake for about 30 minutes, and the cake you make is finished! The little skill of making cake is the froth when mixing the egg liquid. The cake should be made quickly before the froth disappears, so that the cake taste will be more soft and tender.