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How to choose the skill of stock speculating used by the shareholder God

Stock is an investment method that needs strategy. How to choose the right stock is very important if you want to get more profit from it. Next, the editor will bring you some stock selection strategies and skills, to see how those gods are stock it!

First, we need to determine what kind of investors we choose to be. See if you want to be short-term or long-term, because they have different stock selection strategies. If we choose the long-term, we don't need to worry about the indicators. If the enterprise is good and the development potential is large, we can start.

Second, the industry we want to select stocks. If you want to be a long-term player, you can choose stocks with good development potential. Industries with great development potential in the future are very valuable, such as electric vehicles and environmental protection.

Third, we need to vote for the latest hot sectors. If we prefer the short term, then we need to grasp the hot spot, to see what sectors are popular recently, which stocks have made investment in the near future, what stocks are being chased by funds and the amount of recently traded funds, etc., which are key factors.

The fourth is to focus on trading volume funds. Here, we should focus on the specific stock selection. When you have selected more than ten stocks from the industry and hot sectors, you need to find out those stocks whose trading volume has been particularly enlarged recently in these ten stocks. In addition, in order to wait for volume and MACD signals, we need to make a long-term observation. At least once every 1-2 days.

Fifth, choose the industry you are familiar with. For those who invest in stocks, whether it's short-term or long-term, every industry has its own peak season. If you can be familiar with some of these industries, or even know about these companies, it will be more helpful for you to invest.