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How to deal with toenails growing into meat

Some friends have such a problem, that is, good toenails grow into the meat. Even if it grows into the meat, it's terrible that the toenails growing into the meat will make that part of the meat grow abscess, and once the toenails grow into the meat, it's difficult to pull them out. How do toenails grow into meat?

The first simple and crude way is to go to the hospital for a small operation and ask the doctor to pull out the toenails that grow into the meat. It may be a little painful, and it has a lot of recurrence. We think this method is a little too pompous. Isn't it that toenails grow into meat? Do we need to go to the hospital to have them cut. It's really useful. If you find this method inconvenient, you can try the following methods:

The second way is to break off the diseased toes with hands every day, so that the meat and fingernails grow separately. The effect is better after taking a bath, just a few minutes a day, but every day, do not break, do not give your fingernails to the meat for a long time.

The third way is to develop good health habits, do not pull out the barbs at will, once there are barbs to use scissors to cut, do not pull out hard. The right way is to use your thumbs to press the meat on both sides of your toenails and turn it out. Do it frequently. When you wash your feet and watch TV, you can turn over with your two casters. Then try to manicure your nails as often as possible, and they won't grow under the flesh for a long time.

After using the above methods, it's best to wipe some pain drugs like iodine wine on the injured part to avoid too much influence on your life. Don't think it's harmless. You should know that 'toothache is not a disease. It's really painful' also applies to 'toenails grow into meat'. If your toenails are already in the flesh and you feel pain, going to the hospital is the best solution.