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Teach you a few moves, easy treatment neck pillow!

Falling pillow, also known as "losing pillow", mainly occurs in young people. The main reason for falling pillow is that the sleeping posture is not correct, the neck is in the state of deflection for a long time, and sometimes the sleeping pillow is not suitable, for example, too high or too low pillow will easily form falling pillow. This is a kind of headrest with muscle sprain.

To solve this type of headrest, you can first do some neck movements by yourself, such as rotating the neck, swinging the head left and right, stretching the neck, etc. If the pillow falls seriously, we can also try some traditional Chinese medicine therapies, such as manipulation of tendons, acupuncture treatment, drug treatment, hot compress, etc. among them, manipulation of tendons is the best and most convenient. Secondly, we need to adjust our sleeping posture and choose the right pillow.

If suffering from cervical spondylosis, it is easy to repeatedly fall on the pillow. Now there are many people who have been working for a long time, and some of them are 'bow headed'. As a result of long-term bow, most of these people are more or less suffering from cervical spondylosis, so sometimes there will be repeated pillow drop.

For this type of headrest, Xiaobian first suggests that you change some bad habits, such as reading in bed and playing with mobile phones. Many people think that playing with mobile phones in bed and reading are easier, but in fact, it is not. Reading and playing mobile phone in bed will increase the pressure of cervical vertebra, increase the strain of cervical vertebra and the fatigue of cervical muscles, thus forming a pillow, affecting sleep and causing a vicious cycle. Secondly, it is necessary to prepare some drugs for the treatment of cervical vertebrae in case of serious falling of the pillow.

Most people will have the experience of falling asleep. Here are a few effective ways to prevent falling asleep. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to the maintenance of our neck, choose a pillow suitable for us when we sleep, keep warm at ordinary times, prevent the neck from cold, and keep the right posture when we work and study. Usually also should pay attention to strengthen the neck exercise.