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What do you mean by inviting me to have a sugar? What kind of stem are you treating me to have a sug

Recently, you must have heard or seen the sentence "you pay me a sugar". Many friends who don't know the cause of this matter may think it's a matter between children literally. So what do you mean by paying me a sugar? Let's get to know.

On February 17, a woman in Jiaopi Town, Funan County, went to the street to buy sugar for her children and accidentally scratched a car. After calling the police, Jiaopi police station of Funan County Public Security Bureau came to the scene and informed the owner to come.

After admitting the mistake, the woman told the police about her worries. She was afraid that she could not afford to pay for the maintenance due to economic difficulties. When the owner of the car learns about the situation, she first asks the woman to compensate 10 yuan. The woman disagrees and is willing to compensate the owner for all the money in her pocket. The owner of the car said in his opinion: 'otherwise, please give me a candy.' he took a candy from the woman's hand and drove away by himself.

There are bad people and good people in this world. It's not uncommon.

On the night of last year's 12th, a single mother rode an electric car to Carrefour supermarket and cut a car. There was only a finger sized mark on the car. Before going out, she just took a bath and changed clothes. Her cell phone was recharged at home, and she didn't bring her wallet. She had only a few tens of yuan change on her body. The owner didn't let her go, so she asked the owner to call the police.

When the two failed to negotiate, a man came over from a nearby BMW. Ms. Wang said she didn't bring her wallet and mobile phone and told her family situation. The BMW driver confirmed the situation and took out 300 yuan from her wallet and handed it directly to the owner of the grey car: 'is 300 yuan enough?' the BMW driver directly put the money into him and asked Ms. Wang to go back.