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How about business credit card? How to apply for industrial and commercial credit card

There are many kinds of credit cards, and now more and more people can't do without credit cards, and industrial and commercial cards are widely used. So what about business credit card? How to apply for industrial and commercial credit card? Xiaobian brings you to understand.

It's OK to go to the bank to apply for the credit card in line with the requirements of ICBC.

(1) Credit card application conditions:

1. At least 18 years old;

2. Urban and rural residents who have fixed occupation and stable income, and whose work unit is generally in permanent residence;

3. Fill in the application form and sign in person at the "signature of the applicant".

(2) To apply for a credit card, you need to provide the following information:

1. Copies of identity documents, work certificates, income certificates, etc;

2. Provide bank deposit certificate, real estate certificate, degree certificate, etc;

3. Some issuing banks may require the issuance of temporary credit cards issued by local public security departments if they are registered in other places, overseas personnel apply for local work, and active officers apply for credit cards in their own name

Certificate issued by household registration or relevant department (including work certificate).

(3) The application of credit card is assessed comprehensively by the system. There are many factors for reference, such as age, job stability, income, personal credit and other aspects, which are not determined by unilateral factors. Everyone's situation will also be different and difficult to compare.

(4) In order to pass the comprehensive evaluation of the system and the judgment of credit limit. Details of the application are as follows:

1. Work certificate: it can be the original work certificate issued by the employer (please indicate the specific company name, Department, position and income, and affix the company's official seal or personnel seal), or the copy of the work certificate \ \ card verified and noted by the promoter;

2. Financial certificate: it can be the salary record issued by the bank on behalf of the bank, or the income tax withholding certificate, or the documents proving the market value of the house, car, deposit and investment (such as the copy of the real estate certificate / car driving license / bank fixed deposit certificate) and other materials proving the financial level. Other documents available for reference include: list of personal accounts of social insurance in the past six months, bill of water and gas, bill of credit card of other banks, etc.