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How to deal with sunburn? Cold compress can relieve pain

In the hot summer, sea travel is a good choice for many people, but it can't resist the damage of ultraviolet. Sometimes, due to not paying attention to sun protection in time, the skin appears erythema, edema and peeling. So what should we do at this time? Now, Xiaobian will tell you some ways to deal with sunburn.

When the skin appears red, swollen and painful, we can use cold compress to do emergency treatment. Put the towel covered with water into the refrigerator for cold storage, and apply it to the affected area for about 20 minutes, which can neutralize the sunburn and relieve the pain. In addition, you can wrap a towel with ice to wipe your sunburnt parts, but don't directly touch your skin with ice to prevent frostbite.

Watermelon, with anti-inflammatory and whitening effect, can also play a good role in repairing sunburn. The symptoms of redness and pain can be effectively improved by slicing the watermelon and applying it to the affected area, or by repeatedly wiping the burned part with watermelon slice.

Cucumber juice is rich in water and vitamins. It can not only supplement water for the skin to treat peeling symptoms, but also enhance the skin's regeneration ability. We only need to apply it to the pain area for about 10 minutes, and the cool feeling will reduce the pain. Remember to rinse the skin after application.

In the sunburn part, can dip the cotton ball in the tea water and pat gently, so as to nourish the skin and reduce the burning sensation. Because the tea contains tannic acid, which has a good astringent effect, can reduce tissue swelling, reduce cell exudation, and is very useful for skin with slight sunburn and no skin burst. If the area of the sunburn is too large, you can also add strong tea to the washbasin to soak the sunburned skin in water for a few minutes, the effect will be more significant.