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Do you use a dental tube? Can tooth washing whiten teeth

People to middle age, teeth will always be yellow, accumulated years of tartar on the teeth, and some middle-aged men also smoke, accumulated over time, teeth will be yellow! So does the dental tube work? Can you wash your teeth white? Let's get to know.

can middle-aged people wash their teeth yellow and white?

Today, people have higher and higher requirements for themselves, not only to eat well and eat nutritiously, but also to their appearance and appearance, and yellow teeth are unforgivable. If you find yellow teeth, you will find many ways to deal with them, and tooth washing is one of them!

There are several ways to do this.

1. Go to the dentist for ultrasonic cleaning and bleaching.

2. With a simple method, adhere to about 1 month, the time is relatively long, the effect is the same as that of tooth washing. Here's how it works. Brushing method: 1 toothbrush, 3 toothpastes. The first toothpastes, Zhonghua jiantoothwhite, have the same effect as once washing teeth in the last month. It is really effective for the calculus of root and seam. It can only be said that it is physical whitening. The second toothpastes, Colgate's ultra sensitive whitening, have the effect of chemical bleaching teeth Third toothpaste, Crest herbal extract, fresh breath, to prevent tooth decay. The dentist recommends brushing for 3 minutes and brushing teeth for 3 times. First, use the Chinese white teeth for 1 minutes, make deep cleaning, then use Colgate's super sensitive white for one minute, make a chemical bleach, and finally use herbs, so it's 3 minutes. In this way, one time in the morning and one time in the evening. Unless it's tetracycline, it's guaranteed to work in two weeks.

3. Vinegar, aged vinegar and white vinegar can be used at home. It can be contained in the mouth for 1 to 3 minutes, then spit it out and brush your teeth. The effect is very good! But the teeth will feel very sour. Numbness (the feeling will last for about 2 minutes) can't be continuous. Do it often. Do it once in about 2 months. It's good. It can also remove halitosis.