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How to eat the herb huchai? The effect and function of huchai

Huchai, a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, has been used in ancient times. It's the medicine with half the surface and half the inside, so it's the most effective way to treat the evil of liver channel. How can I eat the herb huchai better? Let's take stock of the efficacy and function of the herb huchai.

Efficacy of Bupleurum chinense

To reconcile Shaoyang, soothe the liver and stomach, promote Yang and lift the depression. Treatment of cold and heat exchange, chest full of hypochondriac pain, mouth pain, deafness, headache, dizziness, malaria, Xiali anorectal, irregular menstruation, uterine ptosis, heat into the blood room.

The function of Bupleurum chinense

The sexual taste of Bupleurum: Kuping, GUI Jing, Jin Gan, Dan Jing. Functions: publishing, antipyretic, soothing liver, relieving depression, Promoting Yang. Indications: cold and fever, cold and heat exchange, malaria, hypochondriac pain, irregular menstruation.

Modern pharmacological research has proved that: 1. Chaihu has stable and reliable antipyretic and antipyretic effects; 2. It has sedative and analgesic effects, relieving chest distress and pain, opening depression and regulating menstruation; 3. It is antibacterial and has inhibitory effect on Mycobacterium tuberculosis; 4. It has anti liver injury effect; 5. It has strong inhibitory effect on influenza virus, and has inhibitory effect on cytopathy caused by spinal cord gray white matter virus type 1.

Indications: evacuation, antipyretic, Promoting Yang and soothing liver. It is used for cold and fever, cold and heat exchange, malaria, liver depression and qi stagnation, chest and rib pain, anorectal prolapse, uterus shedding, irregular menstruation.

Practice guidance of Bupleurum chinense

1. The dosage of antipyretic should be large, that of Shengyang should be small, that of Shugan Jieyu should be vinegar fried, that of Yinxu bone steaming should be turtle blood fried.

2. The dried rhizome of Bupleurum chinense has a dense surface and is poisonous. It can not be used as Bupleurum chinense.

3. Bupleurum is often used in the treatment of common cold with Radix Puerariae and Radix Notopterygii.

4. Chaihu has a better antipyretic effect, evil in Shaoyang, cold and hot exchanges, often with Scutellaria, pinellia with the same (such as Xiaochaihu Tang).

5. For malaria, Bupleurum chinense can be used in combination with grass fruit and green skin.

6. Irregular menstruation or dysmenorrhea caused by stagnation of liver qi can be used together with angelica, white peony, Cyperus, Yujin and other drugs.