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What's the tiktok that you can be with? Tiktok can not share the lyrics.

What's the tiktok that you can be with? This is a love song that vibrate and explode red, a very strong song, the lyrics are simple and popular, but tiktok to the soul of the human. Very straightforward. Let's go. Let's have a look! Can you tell us tiktok completely?

What's the tiktok that you can be with?

This song is a new one. It's "can I do it" sung by Zhang Zihao. While I'm not out of warranty, while you're willing.

Click here to download and listen: # / song? Id = 553755659

Introduction to Zhang Zihao

Studied in Zhengzhou SIAS International College, like guitar and singing. Now, I am a singer in SIAS audio studio. I am good at popular love songs, folk songs and deep timbre.

People's life has to go through too many life and death departures, those sudden departures often hurt people unprepared. Where in life do not meet, but some turn around, is really life, from now on, never meet. It's very difficult to say goodbye to those who have loved hard. The furthest distance in the world is not life and death, but the other side has been indifferent, but you can't forget it.

Can we share the lyrics

Said to take you wandering

And I'm halfway home

A sea of falling blame

I can't find it without you

I started to decide to go back

You're not where you are

I can accept everything you have

All tantrums

I can take you to eat a lot

A lot of good things

I can bring it to you occasionally

Bring little sweetness

Just like in the last few years

Every day, it will make you a lot of surprises

I can heal your heart

My happiness can only be given by you

Let's not separate

Can I be with you

There are so many memories between us

There's no reason to fall in love with you

Just happened to meet you

I don't want my future to be you

Only willing to never separate from you

While I'm not out of warranty

While you are willing

Three years of memories

How can I erase it

Can you pick it up again

Together Forever