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Who are the four main gate owners? How about the ending of the four gates of wanlumen

Recently, an ancient costume immortal hero play "Zhaoyao" is on the air. There are many CPS in the play, especially the four mountain masters. Today, the editor will check the ending of the four mountain masters of "Zhaoyao". Come to see what you want to know.

Lu 17 ending

LK. 17 is the master of Dongshan mountain of wanlumen. She is simple and forthright, free and easy. She is very similar to Zhaoyao's character. Although they are in the relationship of master and servant, they share the same feelings with their sisters. Lu 17's official match is Qin Qianxian. There is a great contrast between the two. One is moving, the other is quiet, the other is demon, and the other is immortal. Even so, they still fall in love with each other. Unfortunately, Qin Qianxian eventually rises to be immortal, which is impossible with Lu 17. However, after Qin Qianxian ascended to immortality, he still didn't put down Lu 17. He took the opportunity of going down to earth to start a love relationship with Lu 17. This ending is not too regrettable.

Gu Hanguang's ending

Gu Hanguang is the South Mountain master of wanlumen. He is the first doctor in the world. He is called "Yan wangchou". Gu Han is a little famous and proud man. He lived in seclusion until he met Shen Qianjin. Gu Hanguang and Shen Qianjin loved each other and could have been happy together. Unfortunately, Shen Qianjin's skill can't be moved. Once the love poison comes out, she will go mad. Fortunately, in the end, Shen Qianjin asks Li chenlan to help abolish the whole body skill and live with Gu Hanguang all his life. Therefore, Gu Hanguang is the happiest of the four mountain masters.

Simarong's ending

Simarong is the West Mountain master of wanlumen. He is the right arm of the swagger, and Li chenlan is the division brother. At that time, Yuezhu, a southern moon sect, used a beauty trick to kill simarong. Unexpectedly, they fell in love with each other in the process. Later, Yuezhu died for simarong, which became the eternal pain in simarong's heart. Since then, simarong has been far away from the Jianghu. No matter how long Yuezhu died, simarong always loved her deeply. He also became a wooden person with Yuezhu's appearance, and he was a poor infatuated person.

Yuan Jie's ending

Yuan Jie is the North Mountain leader of wanlumen. He was killed by the clan and his family was destroyed. He was saved by a wave. Therefore, Yuan Jie, who hated the clan most, was loyal to Zhaoyao and wanted to kill Li chenlan to avenge Zhaoyao. Later, Yuan Jie launched the civil strife of wanlumen for the purpose of ostentation, but ostentation did not allow anyone to hurt wanlumen. At last, he was put into the dungeon by ostentation and thought for ten years.