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Will the price of commercial housing or the cancellation of the fair share area for trading by the a

The Ministry of housing and urban rural development announced a new draft of the regulations, which shows that residential buildings should be traded with the area used in the set, and the real estate transaction will officially bid farewell to the "shared area". This is the first time that the Ministry of housing and urban rural development clearly stated in the official documents that the housing should be traded by the area within the housing. This means that in the future, the real area of the house, rather than the shared area, is the price of the house going to fall?

Recently, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued the "code for housing projects (Draft for comments)", which states that "residential buildings should be traded in terms of the use area within the set.". 'according to Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real estate, whether or not to price in sets has no effect on the actual cost of house purchase of the buyer, and the shared area is not included in the area price, which means that the developer can also increase the unit price in sets. However, property fees and other charges derived from the construction area may be reduced.

Trading with in set use area

The surging news noted that article 2.4.6 of the second part of the housing code pointed out that residential buildings should be traded in the area of use within the set.

This is also the first time that the Ministry of housing and urban rural development clearly stated in the official documents that the house should be traded by the area within the apartment. Analysts said that this regulation was mainly introduced because: This article is the focus of residents' attention, which is related to the vital interests of each residential user. At present, China's residential buildings mainly trade in building area, so there will be the same building area of the same project and different use area in the set, which will aggravate the contradiction of "public area hurts people".

In 2018, there was extensive discussion about the shared area of housing.

In July 2018, wechat official post of "lookout think tank" said: when it comes to the area of public stall, almost every buyer has a bellyful of complaints - spending 100 square meters, but only buying a 70 square meter house!

In August 2018, Xinhua News Agency commented on "only 70 square meters for buying a house with 100 square meters, and we are very hurt by the" shared area ". It is true that the issue of shared area is not a new topic, but the long-term existence does not necessarily mean that this approach is reasonable. It is worth noting that the lack of standards and disordered management of the shared area will not only make consumers pay more when buying houses, but also make them pay more property fees, heating fees and other costs in the future. With the housing fine decoration policy and even the introduction of real estate tax in the future, the problems encountered by the buyers will be further intensified, and all kinds of contradictions will become increasingly acute.

On September 14, 2018, Xinhua News Agency published a survey article, "buy 100 square meters and get 70 square meters: 7 chaos of shared area". It pointed out that under the current situation of stable housing prices in the country, some real estate developers frequently make the idea of housing shared area for profit, "buy 100 square meters and get 70 square meters", and the proportion of shared area of individual commercial houses even exceeds 50%. According to the reporter, the public stall area has seriously affected the residents' sense of living.

Some experts in the industry believe that the shared area is the 'most opaque indicator' of the real estate market, resulting in disputes over housing sales and service charges for a long time. They suggested that we should close the loopholes in the current laws and regulations, and consider introducing the internationally accepted housing pricing system based on the unit area of the house.

According to the article of Xinhua news agency, the survey shows that most of the pricing units of housing transactions in the world are what you see is what you get. Although there is no uniform regulation in China, the pricing of building area is generally used in practice. But up to now, there are no laws and regulations to make clear restrictions on the "shared area".

Cancellation of public stall: it has been implemented for 17 years in Chongqing

Yan Yuejin, research director of E-House think tank, believes that strictly speaking, the property tax is levied on the area within the set, which causes less public resentment. From a longer-term point of view, it is worth pondering over how to tax the public passage part, whether to increase the shared area, and how to alleviate social conflicts in order to build an open neighborhood environment in the future.

In addition to the official, some people in the industry also began to call for the calculation of the area within the set.

On February 22, Zhong Guoping, member of the CPPCC Committee in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, proposed to legislate on the sale of commercial housing and formulate specific operating rules, according to Zhongshan daily. Make it clear that the commercial housing is sold according to the area within the set, and incorporate this provision into the housing sales contract.

In fact, as early as 2002, the Standing Committee of Chongqing Municipal People's Congress, in the form of local laws and regulations, made clear regulations and requirements on the pricing of commercial housing for the first time. In June 2002, the Standing Committee of Chongqing People's Congress passed the regulations of Chongqing Municipality on the administration of urban real estate transactions, which requires that: the commercial houses are sold on the spot and in advance, and the building area within the set is used as the pricing basis, and the commercial house sales contract and the commercial house certificate shall indicate the shared parts and facilities.

The regulations came into effect on August 1 of that year, announcing that Chongqing took the lead in enforcing the pricing policy of 'built-in floor area' for commercial housing sales nationwide. Developers who do not sell according to this pricing basis will be ordered by the real estate administrative department to make corrections and fined 5% - 10% of the transaction amount of commercial housing.

Talking about why Chongqing should be the "pioneer" of compulsory reform of the pricing method of commercial housing, Zeng Qiang, then director of the marketing department of Chongqing land and resources and housing administration, said in an interview with the media: "the biggest purpose is to let consumers clearly buy houses, minimize real estate transaction disputes, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of buyers. '

Elevators shall be installed above the fourth floor

In addition to calculating the area in a set, the residential code also clearly stipulates the installation of residential elevators in the future. The Residential Code proposes that elevators should be set for new residential buildings with four or more floors, or for new residential buildings with a height of more than 9 meters between the floor of the entrance floor and the outdoor design ground, and stations should be set for each floor with doors and public corridors.

Specifically, each living unit equipped with an elevator shall be equipped with at least one elevator that can accommodate a stretcher, and the size of the elevator car shall not be less than 1.50M & times; 1.60m, and the clear width of the car door shall not be less than 0.90M.

On June 13, 2018, 4 old buildings of No. Visual China (25.110, 0.21, 0.84%)

For residential buildings with 12 floors and above, each living unit shall be provided with at least 2 elevators, including at least 1 elevator that can accommodate stretchers.

For existing residential buildings, it is required that the load capacity of the elevator shall not be less than 300 kg, and the clear width of the car door shall not be less than 0.80 M.

New housing to be fully decorated and delivered

According to the housing code, the whole decoration and delivery of new urban housing is completed, i.e. all fixed surfaces of all functional spaces are paved or painted, water supply and drainage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, gas, lighting and power supply systems are basically installed in place, and the basic equipment of kitchen and toilet is completely installed, meeting the basic use standards.

At the same time, when delivering the residence, it shall have the conditions for connecting water, electricity, gas, heating, etc., the supporting facilities shall have the conditions for delivery and use, and the safety protection facilities shall pass the acceptance.

At the same time, the housing code gives a detailed standard for housing acceptance and delivery. For example, there is no leakage or ponding on the waterproof wall and ground; the top surface of plastering requires firm bonding, no hollowing, flat, clean surface, no cracks, no blasting, etc.