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What circumstance can Beijing apply for changing public rental housing? Operation method of changing

In life, many people often apply for housing replacement due to the change of work place. What are the circumstances in Beijing where they can apply for adjustment and replacement of public rental housing? How to operate? The relevant person in charge of Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development answers as follows:

The first category: public rental housing needs to be replaced due to the change of workplace.

Where the working place of the rented family changes, with the consent of the property right unit, an application may be made for changing the housing in different areas of the same apartment type. The specific exchange procedures are as follows:

1. The tenant family shall apply to the current public rental housing project management service station for housing replacement, and submit the identity certificate, housing lease contract and other materials.

2. The property right unit shall verify the situation of the leased family, register the name of the current residential project, building area, floor, orientation, house type, rent standard, lease term, project requirements to be exchanged, and issue them to the housing security management information system.

3. After the exchange intention is reached through the information system, both parties shall sign the house exchange agreement with the property right unit together, and sign the house lease contract with the property right unit respectively with the agreement, and exchange the houses according to the agreement within the specified period.

The second category: public rental housing needs to be adjusted due to the change of family population.

If the population of the tenant family changes due to marriage, childbirth and other reasons, the tenant family can apply for adjusting the housing matching the family structure after the change. The specific adjustment procedures are as follows:

1. The tenant family shall apply to the property right unit for housing adjustment, and submit the household register, ID card and other proof materials related to the population structure change of the family.

2. After the preliminary examination, the property right unit shall submit the adjustment application materials to the housing security management department of the original application area for examination.

3. For the families that meet the adjustment conditions and have no objection after verification, the property right unit shall register and sort them in the adjustment waiting demand base, establish the adjustment waiting demand base for the lessee family, adjust when there is a vacant house source matching the suite type, and sign the house lease contract again after adjustment.

In addition, in order to meet the adjustment needs of rental families as soon as possible, Beijing requires that before the undistributed housing resources of property right units are allocated to the public, a certain proportion of housing resources should be divided according to the adjustment of waiting needs, and priority should be given to meet the adjustment of family needs; families applying for adjustment can also register to participate in other public rental housing project lottery number allocation activities, and the original housing can be vacated after the new housing resources are allocated successfully.

The third category: public rental housing needs to be changed or adjusted due to family care and other factors.

If the lessee family has the need for family care, he will apply to the housing security administration department of the household registration office. The district housing security department will investigate the family situation along with the street, issue adjustment opinions, and adjust the corresponding housing sources after the joint meeting is approved. If it is necessary to coordinate the housing supply in Beijing, the district housing security department shall report to the municipal housing security department for coordination. According to the relevant regulations, the tenant family shall select and change rooms again and go through relevant procedures.