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What's the meaning of BISS

What's the meaning of BISS? What's the meaning of "deep sea fish BISS"? There are so many "deep sea fish BISS" on the Internet, and many "deep sea fish BISS" literally don't know what they mean at all. What's the meaning of "deep sea fish BISS" for kids? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

What is BISS

The word "BISS" can be seen in both the barrage of the fighting fish and the paster bar. There are many pasters. At the beginning, many friends and editors thought that BISS was an English word, but in fact, the meaning of this word is actually "must die". If you scold, it's just homophonic. It's very abstract. Although sun Xiaochuan, a distinguished teacher, has been exiled to a foreign live broadcasting platform, the root of his abstract school has always been generated, which is really powerful enough.

What is the meaning of the deep sea fish BISS

When it comes to deep sea fish, you should be very clear that she is a heroine of the League of heroes, and her most popular event is the first robbery of baozi in the national costume, stepping on N boats, and turning a rich second generation green. At that time, I was also drunk when I was tearing with baozi across the platform, which forced the classic quote of baozi: "if I don't really like it, who would like to be a dog licker?" it was extremely sad. And some of the things deep-sea fish do are almost known in the live broadcast circle, many netizens are very disgusted with her, so there is such a deep-sea fish BISS (deep-sea fish will die) stem.

The above is what kind of stem is the BISS brought by Xiaobian? What is the meaning of the deep sea fish BISS? Now you should understand it.