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What's the Qingming Festival in 2019? The specific arrangement of Qingming holiday

Qingming Festival is a traditional festival in our country. It is a holiday every year. It is convenient for people to go back to their hometown to visit their tombs and worship their ancestors. What's the date of Tomb Sweeping Day 2019? What's the holiday arrangement for Tomb Sweeping Day 2019?

What day is Qingming Festival in 2019

The Qingming Festival in 2019 is Friday, April 5, and the holidays are April 5, 6 and 7.

Qingming Festival is a traditional Chinese festival at the turn of mid spring and late spring. It is also one of the most important sacrificial festivals. It is a day of ancestor worship and tomb sweeping. Qingming has both natural and human connotations. It is not only a natural solar term, but also a traditional festival. Qingming Festival is a major traditional festival of Spring Festival. It is a fine tradition left by the Chinese nation for thousands of years, which is conducive to carrying forward filial piety and family affection and arousing the common memory of the family. During the Qingming Festival, we go to nature to appreciate and appreciate the scenery of spring day. Hiking in the countryside is also called spring outing. In ancient times, it was called exploring and searching for spring. Its meaning is to walk on the grass, play in the countryside and watch the spring.

Schedule of holidays for Qingming Festival in 2019

The holiday time of Qingming Festival in 2019 is from April 5 to April 7, 2019, which is 3 days in succession with the weekend. Monday, April 8, 2019.

This year's Qingming Festival is a three-day small and long holiday. The holiday is on April 5, 6 and 7. It's just Saturday and Sunday. If you have any plans, these three days are a good choice. These three days are free for cars with less than seven seats.

Free time of Qingming Festival Expressway in 2019

Free time of Qingming Festival Expressway in 2019: 00:00 on April 5-24:00 on April 7, 2019, 3 days in total.

According to the implementation plan for exemption of minibus tolls on major holidays issued by the Ministry of transport of the people's Republic of China, four national legal holidays, Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, labor day and national day, are exempt from the minibus tolls. The vehicles for free passage are passenger vehicles with less than 7 SEATS (including 7 seats), including motorcycles. Whether airport expressways are free is up to the local authorities. So the Qingming Festival Expressway in 2019 is free.