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What delicious food is there in Chunxi Road, Chengdu? Spring Xi Road Food strategy starts

Chengdu is a city with a lot of delicious food, especially those famous tourist attractions. Chunxi Road in Chengdu is the place to visit. What delicious food is there in Chunxi Road in Chengdu? Today, Xiaobian will show you what delicious places are there in Chunxi Road.

Chaimen rice

This shop is the wanghong Sichuan restaurant on Chunxi Road. People who have come up know that there are many people lining up every time they pass by. The popular wanghong restaurant is different. The dishes of the TA family are really delicious. It is a delicious and cheap restaurant in Taigu.

It's all authentic Sichuan food, Chengdu flavor. The dishes are all classic. Chen Xiang cherry meat and Douhua Australian beef are very good. Cherry meat is the most tender meat on pigs. It's salty and sweet, and Douhua is also delicious.

Per capita consumption: 90 yuan

Address: Chengdu Yuanyang taiguli East Square

Fire charcoal & middot; barbecue

Eat barbecue in Chunxi Road and recommend this flame charcoal for you. There are so many people in Chunxi Road, Chengdu, and you can eat it if you have more than 60 people per capita. Moreover, this shop is famous for its good dishes. The barbecue is fresh, high quality, clean and comfortable environment, and small-scale industrial style decoration. I believe many girls will like it.

The meat of TA's house is delicious, such as beef tendon, thick streaky pork and eye meat. They are fresh, good taste and good quality. Three kinds of dipping materials can be selected, and the taste is flexible.

Per capita consumption: 65 yuan

Address: third floor, No.19, west section of Chunxi Road (next to Heidelberg seafood steak buffet)

Bowl ask

What do you know about Chengdu cuisine? Boshan chicken must be familiar to many people, especially Leshan Boshan chicken. There is an authentic Leshan Boshan chicken in Chunxi Road, Chengdu. That's Boshan chicken. It's located in dongfurshi street, taiguli. The decoration of this shop is very stylish. You can't imagine it's a Boshan chicken shop.

The authentic taste of Leshan pot chicken has two flavors: red oil and rattan pepper. You can decide which flavor you like. With his special dry dish, the taste is more comfortable!

Per capita consumption: 35 yuan

Address: no.3-2, dongfurshi street, taiguli (beside mawangzi, taiguli)

Coco's house materials

The Japanese food shop is very expensive, but this shop in Chunxi Road, Chengdu is not so. The Japanese food in his house is very simple, but the taste is authentic, and the price is very affordable, which can be said to be quite popular. We recommend his family's egg BaoFan, which is the signature feature of this house. There are many kinds of egg BaoFan, such as pork chop, curry, egg BaoFan, and instant beef, curry, egg BaoFan Mushroom, milk, curry, egg, rice and so on.

Curry and egg bun rice is a must in this store. As for the taste, it depends on your hobbies. You can choose from spicy 1 to spicy 5. You can add a side dish separately.

Per capita consumption: 55 yuan

Address: 7th floor, Isetan, Chunxi Road

Chengdu hot pot with Niantou

The final recommendation is of course hotpot. This hotpot is not too hot in Chunxi Road, Chengdu. Basically, it's normal to line up for two hours. The price is very conscientious. 100 yuan can satisfy three people. Can't you imagine that the bottom of the pot is authentic Sichuan hotpot flavor. The more you cook, the more fragrant it is.

Hot pot here, cost-effective super high, many dishes, delicious to no friends!

Per capita consumption: 85 yuan

Address: No.17, longwangmiaozheng Street

These are the best food restaurants in Chunxi Road, Chengdu. They are delicious and inexpensive. They are very popular in the local area. Don't miss them!