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Can we use electric blanket with latex mattress? Does the electric blanket for latex mattress turn y

For many families, latex mattress is a product that many people like to use very much. It's warm and comfortable to sleep, so can latex mattress use electric blanket? Can electric blanket affect latex mattress?

1、 What is latex mattress

Natural latex mattress as its name implies, its raw material is latex. Latex refers to the rubber SAP extracted from rubber tree, and then through a certain process equipment to form, foam, gel, sulfuration, water washing, drying, molding and packaging, so as to produce a mattress that can adapt to various sleeping positions and improve the quality of sleep. As a rubber tree can only produce 30cc of rubber juice every day, it is very precious. It takes at least a day to a day and a half for a latex product to be made, which is a time-consuming and precious product.

2、 Can latex mattress use electric blanket

It is introduced that the raw material of latex mattress is rubber juice, which is formed by drying and forming. If the electric blanket is placed on the latex mattress, the latex itself is a breathable and soft material, which will turn yellow in case of heat and shorten the service life of the latex mattress. And its own latex has a certain degree of thermal effect, so it is not necessary to make a small number of latex mattress is not recommended to use electric blanket. If it's too cold to use, it's suggested that the temperature should not exceed 45 ℃, and protect the latex mattress.

Generally speaking, if it's not very cold, don't use electric blanket on latex mattress. After all, latex mattress is a more precious product. We should protect it well and seek other ways to keep warm.