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What should I do when I go back to Nantian? Xiaobian can do it easily for you

In rainy weather, how to dehumidify? What's the way to do if the clothes are not dry? Is there a return to Nantian in the southern weather? It's very wet? Then what should I do if the clothes are not dry? Let Xiaobian help you.

Puzzle 1: how to dehumidify the room?

Rainy weather, humid environment, there is always a musty smell in the room, which makes people uncomfortable. The humid and musty environment is also very harmful to health. How to remove the humidity? Here are some common methods.

1. Air purifier

In humid weather, the role of air purifier is very obvious. First of all, it can purify the air, prevent bacteria pollution, and improve the air quality in the family.

2. Dehumidification with desiccant and activated carbon

Wet weather and humid environment make people uncomfortable, so desiccant and activated carbon can be used for dehumidification. There are two types of common dehumidifiers: hygroscopic box and dehumidification bag.

3. Dehumidification with lime and bamboo charcoal

A small bag of lime is packed in a small cloth bag and placed in every corner of the room. The lime has the function of moisture absorption and can also slow down the indoor humidity. At the same time, the lime has the effect of disinfection, killing two birds with one stone. Bamboo charcoal dehumidification, can be used repeatedly, but more, less effect is not good.

4. Using air conditioning

The dehumidification function of the air conditioner can be turned on, however, the way that the air conditioner is mainly used to adjust the indoor air humidity is relatively slow. It usually takes two or three hours.

5. Doors and windows

If it rains continuously, the humidity outside is heavy. The doors and windows should be closed to prevent moisture intrusion. In normal times, ventilation is required frequently. So as to reduce the indoor water content, especially for the newly decorated house, the water vapor is relatively large, and there is smell, so it needs more ventilation, dehumidification and deodorization.

6. Using soap skillfully

You can buy soap in the supermarket and disperse it in the room. The sodium ion in the ordinary soap can go to the damp and smell.

7. Electric blanket to bed moisture

Turn on the electric blanket when you are going to bed, dry the bed, turn it off when you are sleeping. It is very effective to use the electric blanket to remove the moisture from the bed in the humid weather of Heyuan.

Perplexity 2: do clothes dry?

The weather is wet and wet. It's absolutely annoying not to do clothes!

Dry your clothes in wet weather!

1. Fold the clothes that have been washed and dried (if you can't, you must wring them as much as you can), wrap them with towels, and then freeze them in the freezer of the refrigerator for 7 or 8 hours, then take them out, unfold them, and hang them outside or on the balcony. In this way, the clothes dried quickly and won't have mildew or odor.

2. Use a clean large black garbage bag (or black cotton cloth, because of better air permeability), cut it to a size enough to cover the clothes, clamp it with a clip, and hang it in a place with light and ventilation. Black can absorb heat and ultraviolet rays, and has sterilization function, does not appear to cover the bad situation, faster than natural drying, especially suitable for drying clothes in rainy days.

3. Bend 1 / 3 of the two ends of the wire hanger forward with force, and the hanger will become three-dimensional. When drying clothes, the front and back will not be pasted together. The ventilation inside the clothes can greatly shorten the time of drying, and the clothes can be dried quickly in rainy days.

What about the smell of mildew and stink?

The smell of the dry clothes indicates that the clothes are not cleaned and dried in time. The mould attached to the clothes propagates in a large amount, discharging the acid substances and producing peculiar smell. There are several ways to deal with it:

If you are in a hurry to wear it out, you can use a hair dryer to blow the clothes for 15 minutes. The wind can remove the musty smell;

Put the smelly clothes in the place with water vapor, such as the bathroom that just took a bath, can also effectively remove the odor on the clothes;

Add two spoonfuls of vinegar and half a bag of milk to the clear water, soak the smelly clothes in for 10 minutes, and then wash them to remove the peculiar smell.

Using household appliances to help dry clothes

Method 1: microwave oven dry coating method

The first step is to put the washed clothes into the washing machine for dehydration. If the clothes are high-grade, it is recommended to use a larger bath towel to dry them first;

The second step is to fold the clothes, and then wrap the folded clothes with newspaper (Note: if it is a newspaper, it is better to be old, because the newspaper ink on that day is easy to stick to the clothes);

The third step is to put the wrapped clothes into the microwave oven and adjust the temperature and time according to the thickness of the clothes;

Finally, take out the clothes, shake them off and cool them down.

Note: the time of entering the microwave oven and the temperature of the fire must be well held. For the first operation, you can first open the oven for a short time and try several times, for example, once every half a minute, see if it doesn't work and then half a minute. In addition, pay attention to whether there are metal and plastic accessories on the clothes. Those things are not suitable for microwave oven.

Method 2: dry clothes with hair dryer

The first step is to reduce the moisture content of clothes as much as possible;

The second step is to hang the clothes that need to be dried on the lower hanger, and supply air evenly above the clothes. Because of the influence of gravity, the water will seep down. If it blows from the bottom to the top, it is not very cost-effective.

Note: do not use the hair dryer to blow directly on the clothes, so it is easy to burn the clothes.