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Which brand of gas water heater is better for less than 100 yuan? Recommended water heater within 10

Gas water heater is one of the household appliances in many families now. What brand of gas water heater is good? Recommend several gas water heaters within 100 yuan.


The appearance is very beautiful, the touch screen looks tall and tall, the sensitivity of boiling water is very high, the hot water speed is very fast, the noise is also in the normal range, the intelligent precise control constant temperature is very good, energy saving, environmental protection, water and electricity saving.


Fast hot water output, low noise and stable water temperature. The water heater has a very fast hot water output speed, a very small sound, and the hot water is very stable, which will not fluctuate from high to low. When the hot water is turned off in the middle, it will not be disconnected. The shower effect is also good, which is worth buying.

Energy rate (Noritz)

Small voice, fast hot water, constant temperature water, very comfortable. The installation technician is very professional. The gas cost of the county is 3 yuan 8 cubic meters. I don't know whether it's expensive or cheap. It's easy to use the energy rate. 13 liters, enough for a family of three.