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How do you cook eggs at home? Skill sharing of boiled eggs

It's rich in nutrients. It's very easy to cook it at home. Today's small edition will teach you how to cook delicious eggs. However, because the unripe eggs contain bacteria, it's better to cook them more!

The following methods are mostly used to boil the eggs with loose eggs:

If you have thermostatic equipment, simple: between 65 and 70 degrees, cook for 1 hour. This is molecular cooking.

However, it is estimated that there is no constant temperature equipment in the house, so you can use the following method:

Boil with water and salt. Put in the egg (the idea is that the water should not exceed the egg), and then the time is: boil for 5 minutes = loose eggs; boil for 7 minutes: the yolk just congeals. 10 minutes = a fully set iron egg.

How to cook soft eggs in the folk way:

Cook normally until you can use chopsticks to hold the eggs.

Principle: if it's too liquid, the center of gravity will move down when it's clamped up; if it's almost solidified, it can be clamped up stably, which is just a loose heart.

The cooking time is about five minutes, that is, when the boiling water is boiling, put it down, then turn off the fire, sit for five minutes, and pull it out. If there is the habit of supercooled water, it is easy to peel the shell. When it is cooked, throw it into the habit of cold water, put it for more than 30 seconds, and it will be done. No matter what the size of thermal power boiler, it is simple and direct.

In fact, we can see from the above how long the eggs are boiled?

Accurate time should be 5-8 minutes best, this time period eggs are loose, and we can according to their own needs to determine the cooking time, generally 5 minutes.