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How to make the blackhead go forever?

The nose full of blackheads is always annoying. It has been fighting with blackheads for many years, but it still follows. Many people have to wear masks when they go out. How can we get rid of blackheads in the best way? Let's look at the following ways, so that you can have flawless skin again.

When cooking, roll a small handful of hot rice into balls on your nose. Because the rice is hot, the pores are opened, and the grease and garbage in the pores are also sucked away by the sticky rice. If you do this every day, you can see the effect after a period of time.

Another common method is to use salt to remove blackheads. Put salt into four or five drops of milk. When the salt is half dissolved, massage the nose with semi dissolved particles. Don't use too much force to bring out the blackheads in the pores. The best time is within one minute, otherwise it will hurt the skin, and then wash them with water. Do not apply skin care products immediately after completion, at this time, the skin has not yet generated a protective oil.

The method of removing blackheads with pearl powder is also very effective. Prepare appropriate amount of mineral water, mix pearl powder into mineral water, and wait until pearl powder becomes paste. Daub it on the face, press and knead it with proper strength, and wash it with clear water after Pearl Powder dries. This method can not be used every day, so as not to cause damage to the skin.

It is also very effective to remove blackheads with egg white. Prepare a thin cotton pad for makeup. Before removing blackheads, open the pores with a hot towel or hot water, so as to remove blackheads more easily. Apply the protein on the cotton pad and apply it directly to the nose. Clean the nose in 10 to 15 minutes.

The black head on the nose does cause trouble for the fairies. If you learn the above methods, I believe that as long as you stick to them, they will have effect.