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What do you think when the jitter tiktok was released? Tiktok view release time flow overview

Tiktok tiktok is a software that everyone is playing now. Many people want to know what time the video is released when they watch the video. Tiktok, what do you think when the jitter is released? Jitter to see the release time flow list tiktok.

Method / step:

We turn on mobile phone tiktok app.

If you want to know the time, click the comment on the right.

Here you can see the time of the comments. You can pull down to see when the earliest comments were made. The video was probably released shortly before this time point.

We can click follow to see the time of video release.

We can also click on the avatar to enter.

You can see that there are many works of this user. Generally speaking, the new videos are compared. The more you pull down, the earlier you release them.