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How long does it take to transfer the house? What are the procedures for house transfer

many people feel that it's very troublesome to handle the real estate transfer procedures, so they don't want to go through them by themselves. After choosing some, they summarize the company's agent. Speaking of the real estate transfer, everyone feels that it's more troublesome to handle, but it's not like this, but we don't know the procedures and processes needed for the transfer, so how long does it take? What are the procedures for house transfer?

1、 How long does it take to transfer the house

The time length of second-hand house transfer is regular. In general, there are several time nodes.

(1) The buyer pays the deposit and signs the contract. This is generally carried out on the same day, and then both parties agree on a date to enter the Housing Authority (Real Estate Trading Center) for registration transfer operation. Generally, this time lasts about 3 days.

(2) Go to the real estate trading center. Take all the materials of both parties to transfer the ownership, carry out the house valuation or according to the transaction price valuation and pay relevant taxes, etc. This process takes a short day and a long time is about 20 days, so you can get a good house ownership transfer certificate.

(3) Bank operation loan problem. Generally speaking, it is about 10-20 days.

Therefore, the handling of real estate transfer is subject to the double restriction of the housing authority and bank loans, with a long time of 45 days and a short time of less than a week.

2、 House transfer procedures

1. The buyer and the Seller shall establish information communication channels to understand the overall status and property rights of the house, and require the seller to provide legal certificates, including house certificate, identity certificate and other certificates. If the house provided by the seller is legal, it can be listed for trading, and the buyer can pay the house purchase deposit (the payment of the house purchase deposit is not a necessary procedure for the sale of commercial houses), and the buyer and the seller sign the house sale contract (or house sale contract).

2. After the buyer and the seller reach an agreement on the location, property right status, transaction price, delivery time, delivery and handling of property right of the house through negotiation, the two parties shall sign the house sales contract in triplicate at least.

3. Refuse to apply for listing and trading when there is no property right or part of the property right without the written consent of other property right co owners.

4. Now many places have cancelled the real estate sales contract in the process of transaction, which is commonly known as "white lease". Pay taxes. The composition of taxes and fees is relatively complex, which should be determined according to the nature of the transaction house.

5. Handle the transfer formalities of property rights. After both parties of the transaction have completed the registration of property right change in the real estate transaction management department, the transaction materials shall be transferred to the issuing department, and the buyer shall apply for a new property right certificate in the issuing department with the housing certificate notice.

The above is about how long it takes to transfer the ownership of the house and what procedures are needed. If the house is purchased by loan, it also needs to apply for the loan procedures, and the bank will issue the loan once and for all. After the buyer receives the house ownership certificate and pays off the house price, the seller delivers the house and settles the property fee, the second-hand house sales contract of both parties is completely fulfilled.