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What procedures do I need to go through to get the car into the house? List of specific processes fo

If you want to go on the road formally, you have to go through more than a dozen 'gateways' such as paying purchase surtax, handling insurance, vehicle inspection and getting license plate. Although almost all car dealers will help "prospective owners" to go through these procedures, there are still many people who choose to hang their own license plates, so it is very important to understand the new car licensing process. What procedures do I need to go through to get the car into the house? Small braid takes you to understand the specific process of vehicle licensing.

According to the regulations, the procedures for vehicle licensing are as follows:

Process 1: ensure the accuracy of purchase invoice

After selecting your preferred car and paying the purchase price, the car chamber of Commerce will provide the car quality certificate of the manufacturer, and provide the temporary license plate with a validity period of 3-30 days according to the customer's requirements. At the same time, the business will issue the purchase invoice for the customer. On the purchase invoice, the owner's name and ID card number must be checked carefully to ensure there is no mistake. If there is any mistake, it will be more troublesome to replace them.

Process 2: payment of purchase tax and insurance

After paying the purchase price, the prospective owner can drive the new car to the vehicle management office to go through the relevant formalities. The vehicle management office implements one-stop service. Therefore, before you go to the vehicle management office, you must bring relevant materials, including the purchase invoice (tax declaration form, registration form and invoice form), the original and copy of the vehicle quality certificate, the original and copy of the ID card, the original and copy of the corporate organization code certificate and the official seal of the corporate vehicle.

According to the regulations, vehicle purchase tax and vehicle insurance must be paid before other processes can be continued. At present, the vehicle purchase tax in Chengdu is levied at 10% of the balance after 17% value-added tax is deducted from the purchase price. If a new car of 100000 yuan, after deducting 17% value-added tax, i.e. 17000 yuan, has a balance of 83000 yuan, then the vehicle purchase tax payable for the car is 8300 yuan. The insurance amount of the new car is related to the vehicle price, vehicle ownership, etc. the amount is completely completed by the computer system. When the vehicle model, brand, price and other information are input, the computer system starts to conduct a comprehensive evaluation and give the amount payable.

Process 3: register and verify vehicle information

After paying the vehicle purchase tax and insurance, the prospective owner can obtain the new vehicle registration form by virtue of the registration form of the payment certificate and purchase invoice, the original of the vehicle quality certificate, the original and copy of the ID card, and accurately fill in the relevant information between the owner and the vehicle to register the vehicle information. After the registration is completed, the vehicle management office will test and verify the engine number, vehicle model, exhaust gas, etc. and the owner of the vehicle, and compare the test results with the vehicle registration information and the owner one by one for confirmation. After confirming that there is no error, the vehicle shall be photographed and archived.

Process 4: Certificate Application and settlement

After completing the above process, the prospective owners can randomly select their own license plate numbers on the computer, and after paying the five bridges and one road fee, production cost fee and production fee, they can get the vehicle driving license, vehicle registration certificate, qualification mark, environmental protection mark, etc. At this stage, the whole process of handling the license is basically completed, and the prospective car owners have become car owners. However, if you want to drive on the road, you have to complete the last step, that is, to pay the road maintenance fees to the road maintenance fees collection. So far, love car just had legal 'account'.