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How is the wood floor moistureproof? Wooden floor moisture-proof tips

Compared with tile wood floor, it brings more benefits to our life, so now most people will choose to decorate wood floor. But because of the wood floor material I have a very important thing to do is rice floor moisture-proof. Once the wood floor is not well moistureproof. Floor bug, up warping, mildew will trouble you. How does the wood floor in the home moistureproof? The following small make up shares some wood floor moistureproof small coup to everybody.

Coffee dregs absorbent bag

Don't throw away the coffee grounds when you have finished drinking. Coffee grounds have two functions of water absorption and deodorization. They are collected, dried and wrapped in gauze bags, silk stockings or cotton cloth, and placed in every corner of the floor to effectively absorb air moisture.

Regular maintenance of wood floor

Waxing the wood floor can not only make up for the scars left by the wood floor in daily life, but also improve the brightness of the floor. At the same time, the wax itself has the function of water-proof and moisture-proof. The times of waxing may vary according to the new and old floors. The new wood floor can be waxed every half a month or once a month. After continuous waxing for 3-4 times, the wax can be replenished every half a year. In addition to waxing, the floor can also be regularly maintained with essential oil to enhance the stability of the floor and avoid moisture absorption.

Dampproof film

The moisture-proof film specially used for wood floor sold on the market can be paved on the surface of the wood floor, which can play the role of isolating the surface of the wood floor and preventing the surface of the wood board from moisture. The damp proof membrane shall have a certain thickness, generally the stacking thickness is about 5-10 mm, and the position of the wall foot shall be taken into account when laying the damp proof membrane, so as to effectively prevent the moisture from infiltrating into the wood floor from the underground.

Dehumidification of air conditioning

In addition to dehumidifiers, air conditioners are also "experts" in dehumidification. We should all know that general air conditioners have dehumidification functions, because air conditioners are bound to be accompanied by dehumidification in the process of refrigeration.

Lime hygroscopic bag

Usually we can also make a self-made lime moisture absorption bag, put it in the toilet to help the tile moistureproof, but we should pay attention to using quicklime instead of Building lime.