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Why is Chinese blood green in the game? That's why

Why is the blood of Chinese Games green? For those who like to play video games, is it confusing to this question? So why is the blood green in the game?

Funny version:

Because China's green blood can be perfectly integrated with the green background, so that players mistakenly think that they have been hit askew, usually they will add a few more knives. The red blood in foreign countries is in sharp contrast to the green background, which makes the players feel that they have hit, but they don't know that 1% of the blood in the opposite side has been killed.

To sum up, in order to make China E-sports make greater progress in international competitions, it helps to avoid being killed by ghosts and elders by forcing the blood to be green, so as to improve the time ranking of Chinese teams.

And many of the game players are teenagers. They should instill the idea of environmental protection from childhood. Green is the color of environmental protection. Moreover, Chinese teenagers have a great load on their eyes when they read books for many years, and green is the color of eye protection

Reasonable explanation:

This is to avoid the desensitization of teenagers to meet bloody scenes.

People have a natural fear of the red bloody scene. The appearance of this scene is usually accompanied by the harm to themselves or others, and the fear of blood will make people naturally avoid this kind of harm.

As we all know, teenagers are immature groups of mental development. When they are not mature, their ability to do things and consider the consequences is low. It is more effective to limit their harmful behavior by natural sensitive reaction than by law which emphasizes the consequence. If this group has a general desensitization reaction to the bloody scene because of long-term infiltration in the bloody scene, some of them may not think that the mutilation is inappropriate, and it is easy to promote the violence of teenagers.

As for why teenagers can play the same games as adults