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When did avocado come on the market? How to choose avocado

Avocado is a kind of fruit with rich nutritional value. It is a tropical fruit. It is also very common in the north in recent years. But because of the high price, many people don't know the avocado very well, so when is the avocado generally on the market and how to choose it? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

Do you have avocado all year round

Avocado is generally mature in summer and autumn, but avocado can be seen in the market all the year round, so avocado is indeed edible all the year round, because avocado is rich in nutritional value, and now it is also loved by more and more people.

Avocado ripens in late summer and early autumn, that is, in August and September. This kind of fruit is planted in the south of China. The avocado in China blooms in March and matures in August. Therefore, fresh avocado needs to be eaten in the south from August to September. However, avocado in China's market is mostly imported, mainly from central and South Asia. This kind of fruit can be planted all over the world. Therefore, avocado can be eaten all the year round.

Avocado is basically edible all year round, there is no best season. The best time to eat in the day is during the day. The high calorie avocado can not only supplement the necessary calories but also prevent weight gain. It's better not to eat it at night or before sleeping. For partners who like sports or don't often eat avocado, it's no problem to eat some avocado in the evening, but for those who don't have good gastrointestinal function, it's better not to eat, let alone eat more.

When is the best time to eat avocado

The ripening period of avocado is in August and September, but it can be bought in the market all the year round, so there is no best season to eat. However, avocado is high in calories, so it is better not to eat it at night.

Half an hour before dinner

Eating avocado half an hour before meals can make the nutrients in avocado absorbed by the human body to the greatest extent.

2 hours after meal

Avocado contains a certain amount of water and dietary fiber. These two substances can soften feces and promote intestinal peristalsis. Therefore, avocado can promote food digestion and prevent constipation after eating for 2 hours.

How to choose avocado

1. Observation of epidermis

Generally, the raw avocado will appear bright green, and the color of its skin will gradually turn black when it is more mature. At this time, the avocado will taste the best. When we choose the avocado, we can choose the dark green one, which is ripe and tastes very good.

2. Hand feel

If there is not much difference in the color of the avocado, we can feel the feel of the avocado and hold it in our hands. It is not recommended to buy too hard or too soft, because too hard avocados are generally raw and taste astringent, but too soft means that they have been placed for a long time and are damaged, so it is not recommended to buy them. Generally choose the moderate degree of soft and hard.

3. Touch appearance

If you still can't learn how to choose avocado, you can also touch the appearance of avocado. On the surface, there are potholes and small pimples, which are actually the freshest. On the contrary, the rind of avocado is very smooth, which is likely to be diseased.

4. Stipe color

We can also pull out the handle of the avocado, and then observe the connection between the handle and the avocado. If there is dark brown, it means that the inside of the handle has been damaged. It is better not to buy the avocado, which is certainly not fresh.

5. Overall feeling

When we buy avocado, we need to hold it in our hands as a whole, and observe whether there is a wound on the outside. If there is a scratch or the peel is exposed, the inside of the avocado has been polluted, which is not suitable for purchase.