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How does Alipay flower close? Detailed process steps of Huabei closure

For many shopaholics, is it necessary to open up "flower" to enter the era of early consumption? So sometimes rational consumption is still necessary, so it is necessary to close "flower", so how to close "flower"?

How to close Huabei

On mobile phone, Alipay APP can be found in 'home page' or clicking the right bottom corner of my ',' you can find 'Hua Bai' option. After entering the Huabei interface, directly click settings in the lower right corner. The last option in the Huabei setting interface is other. Click to enter. At this time, we can see the option of "close flowers". Click close.

Huabei: no way to close it

It's very convenient to use, but only if you have self-control. We don't need to close the flowers, but we don't need to. That is to set the order of payment. First, open Alipay APP in the mobile phone, then click on the "lower end" of my "->"; "Hua Bai" -> "set". Then click the "set payment order" option at the bottom, and then you can set the payment as not the first payment.

Can Huabei be opened when it is closed

Under normal circumstances, it can be opened. When reopening flowers, Alipay system will re evaluate yourself. If there are no problems such as overdue credit card, default of credit lease, reduction of sesame score and so on, it can be reopened. Of course, if your flower is for some reason, the Alipay system is forcing your flower to shut down. That's another matter.