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What kind of health tea is suitable for drinking in spring? Six kinds of health tea suitable for dri

In an instant, we are already in the spring. The most suitable season for health preservation is spring and winter. So what kind of health tea is suitable for drinking in spring? Today, Xiaobian has sorted out 6 kinds of health tea suitable for drinking in spring, which can help you recuperate your body!

Acne removing: lemon, licorice, honeysuckle and tea

Licorice can moisten dryness and reduce fire. Spleen and stomach deficiency heat and inflamed pimples can drink this, abscess bacteria pimples can diminish inflammation and shrink down.

Pore collecting: lemon, hawthorn, jasmine tea

Jasmine anti-inflammatory detoxification, accelerate the body and face of the body toxins. Make the pores on the face smaller and the skin smoother!

Beauty and beauty: licorice, jasmine, wolfberry

Can remove the face of the small shut, licorice Xiehuang detoxification and beauty, but also can fill the spleen qi, a cup of daily bubble can dilute the T area pores!

Treat constipation: Honeysuckle and hawthorn

Five flavors can protect liver, treat constipation and relieve constipation. Hawthorn for indigestion can be discharged body toxins!

Lose weight and lose weight: lotus leaf Anemarrhena and Astragalus tea

Zhimu clear stomach heat defecate, lotus leaf weight loss defecate!

Detoxification: jujube, medlar, chrysanthemum tea

This is the most we drink in our daily life. It can replenish qi and blood, brighten skin tone, and bring out a healthy complexion!